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Meditation and Prayer

Peter Nordquist
April 23, 2000

Meditation is what you do before you pray. So said Rev. Kwak in my 21-day workshop. One has to know what is possible - what the potential of meditation and prayer are. Father said that "intellectual" types will usually question why it is that they must pray, or of course meditate. Both are very, very, very important. Such as in Father also said that "All providential mistakes can be attributed to a lack of deep thinking." I read into that "a lack of deep prayer and meditation centering on being a channel to liberate God and mankind and establishing the original love, life, lineage and ideal of creation".

In one aspect of meditation, one is used as "an instrument of Nature" to transmit to the ground to clean the environment. One can also transmit to people to clean the people using your will power and True Parents centered heart. Father's words on witnessing in the small blue books attest to this. The force of giving out totally creates a zero or a vacuum within. This vacuum elicits a response. The more powerful the vacuum, the more powerful the response. This is done first by intending to give out totally. One's circumstances then mold to allow it to happen.

One begins this course and steers along it, not in a blind or haphazard way, but by meditation and prayer. It is the internal offering of circumcision of heart. It is taking time to check whether my motivation is parallel to God's or not.

Meditation is not sleeping or passive. It is super-active. One is more aware and awake than in normal waking consciousness. It is a super-conscious state of giving and receiving centering on God, True Parents and Divine Principle. Otherwise it ain't the real McCoy - it isn't meditation. This form of meditation can be practiced 24 hours a day. It is a method of "constant prayer" in which the heart is awake, praying, remembering and meditating. In Raja Yoga this is considered the third and highest form of Samadhi meditation. It is called "Natural Samadhi".

Who thinks that Father is not a master of "Natural Samadhi"? Not me.

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