Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverends Nordquist

Stepping on Members Hearts

Peter Nordquist
December 25, 1998

A couple years ago I attended a leaders meeting at East Garden and Mrs. Kim (Dae Mo Nim) was asked to give a report. She proceeded to go over the worst sins of leaders. When she got to "stepping on members hearts", Father interrupted her and said, "The best example is when a member criticizes a leader and the leader kicks him out or sends him to another mission. The leader should listen to the member and work with that member and win him over."

Father has the most wonderful and deep parental heart for every kind of person. That's why he can be True Parents/True Father. It is a shame that so many members project the fallen nature of "asshole" leaders onto Father. We should sympathize with Father's situation that he has nobody else to work with and be amazed at his ability to work with "assholes" and still bring about World Restoration and the Liberation of God!

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