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Josiah's Test of Death at the Hand of King Neco

Peter Nordquist
January 15, 1999

King Josiah was so good that two chapters of Second Chronicles are devoted to his reign. And after all that in verse 20 of Chapter 35 (if memory serves me), King Neco of Egypt was sent by the Almighty to fight against a neighbor nation of Josiah's. Good neighbor Josiah came out to fight against King Neco. Neco said, "What have we to do with each other, for it is not against you I have come this day, but against the nation that God has commanded me. Cease opposing me, lest you find yourself opposing God, and be killed."

What happened next? King Josiah, after all, was the central figure in Adam's position of God's chosen nation, wasn't he? But of course he was, along with the associated indemnity (read responsibility and mission to restore certain things through indemnity.) Probably most Divine Principle students would say that God's support would be forthcoming, and that Neco probably wasn't really sent by God, because if he was then Josiah would have to listen to Neco, and we all know that central figures don't have to listen to the archangel position if they don't feel like it, or something confused like that.

Well, IMHO this was a test of death similar to Jacob's at the Ford of Jabbok. Suppose Jacob had been killed. Was that a real possibility? IMHO Yes. What would have happened then? Well, fortunately, he lived and God became the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

King Josiah, however, failed his responsibility to listen to the words of God spoken through the angel position (King Neco) and was killed. Why did God test Josiah in a manner that actually caused his death? Why?

Part of Adam's responsibility is to develop the ability to recognize words of God and the will of God, even if delivered through the angel position. Otherwise how can Adam grow up to be God's representative and be able to dominate the angels?

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