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The Standard of the Blessing

Peter Nordquist
September 11, 1999

The standard that we have to establish regarding the blessing is an absolute and unchanging standard. Recently Father (according to T. Hendricks notes) talked about the Biblical name "Jehovah" as representing the Four Great Powers of God: Omnipotence, Omnipresence, All Abundant, and All Sovereign. In so speaking Father is drawing our attention to the Kabbalah which goes into tremendous detail regarding the name "Jehovah", which is spelled with 4 letters in Hebrew. It is known as the "Tetragrammaton" - the Most Holy Name of God - the proper pronunciation of which was lost at the destruction of the Second Temple.

The Old Testament Era was the Age of Justification Through Obedience in which God worked to re-create the lost standard of the Angelic World and the Realm of All Things of Creation. It was the age in which fallen man had to come to God through offerings of plants and animals. This age culminated successfully in the appearance of Jesus.

As the providence develops, the indemnity conditions have become heavier due to past failures. Father explained that the Fall of Man was bad, the Crucifixion of Jesus was worse and the Rejection of Father in 1945 was the worst of all from God's viewpoint in terms of sinfulness. We are still in a very serious time. The last major providential War to be won is the most severe. According to Father it is more serious than WW I, WW II or the Cold War, because those wars came to an end. The War Between the Mind and Body, however, never ends until each individual wins that war for themselves. It is the War of the Internal and the External.

There is one place in the physical body where there is always mind/body unity. Father asked the Science Conference if anyone of them knew that place. Then Father said it is the Sexual Organ. Father is beginning to focus on teaching more and more about the spirit world and the techniques for establishing mind/body unity that are part and parcel of Oriental Philosophy. Father has said, "Oriental Philosophy is Abel and Western Christianity is Cain". Father is beginning to teach about states of consciousness as being important to master. The Half - Awake/Half - Asleep State is the most important in receiving revelations from God (which includes Good Spirit World as intermediary/messenger/angel position). Father has also said that in prayer we fight against sleep in order to attain the same clear state of consciousness as in the Half - Awake/Half - Asleep State, such that God can speak to us clearly.

Father is following his (God's) program of restoration through indemnity and it is unfolding exactly as he has taught that it would - the more recent problem gets resolved first, finally leading back to restoring the Formation Stage Religions of Judaism, and Hinduism and those of the Far East - and Justification Through Obedience.

Someone who has fallen has then to walk the course of indemnity to return to God. This is an absolute law that no one understood clearly before Father began teaching it by word and deed. He said that it explains the turmoil of history from God's viewpoint and can resolve all problems. He said that it is a greater achievement than Einstein's discovery of E=MC2.

It is the duty of this generation contemporary with Father to inherit Father's Standard and Set the Record. Let's push that standard to a higher level by adhering to Absolute Obedience, Faith and Love.

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