Unification Sermons and Talks

by Reverends Nordquist

Judas Accusation of Jesus: Adultery

Peter Nordquist
December 10, 1998

As general comment to many of the previous posts, the words that whorl up from my gut to my throat to my fingertips to the keyboard and out into cyberspace, are simply that, "I have never had one iota of doubt that Father is the Messiah, never, not even once, in 24 and 1/2 years". In response to the "Big" crisis of faith which the 60 Minutes(which I saw) and Nan Sook Nim's Book (which I think would be a total waste of time to read, and therefore have not and do not intend to read) has sparked, I recall words of Father which I heard in person in English from Father, "I don't care if Satan takes my whole family! I'm still going to do my mission! I love God more than I love my family!"

According to Mr. Sudo's lecture, the actual accusation of Judas against Jesus was adultery. But remember David and Bathsheba: "A reversal course is needed in order to indemnify that; therefore a person in the position of the archangel's wife had to be restored to the position of Eve. Therefore, the child who was born on the foundation of that reversal could be born as a child of heavenly love, a child of glory. Solomon was such a child of glory."

Through the process of the blessing, the wife is restored first through the Holy wine ceremony, and then the husband is born from the wife (restored Eve) in the position of "a child of heavenly love." through the 3 day ceremony. The blessed couple is then in the position of Cain to their blessed children as Abel. Cain can be restored through Abel. The Cain/Abel unity makes the Foundation to Receive the Messiah and removes the fallen nature, which both Cain and Abel have. The third generation will be born pure. It is now a couple years into a 40 year condition of the second generation blessed children. I directly heard Father say that it might only take 4 years, but that he was making it 40 years just to be safe.

To return to the key point of victory of Jacob and Esau, Jacob had been born with the blessing but I am sure took it for granted. To Esau it appeared that Jacob was arrogant. Jacob probably appeared disrespectful of Esau's older brother position, not needing or caring about the older brother's approval or love. Rebecca had already been apprised of the situation before the birth of these twins and helped Jacob who probably would have been killed by Esau otherwise. After working for Uncle Laban for 21 years, Jacob humbly bowed 7 times as he approached his brother. He was totally object to God's Will at that point. He disappeared in a sense and God appeared. The power of God appearing through Jacob's condition attracted Esau into the Absolute Minus (object) position as well. They both cried and embraced each other (Restoration begins with tears.) Jacob said to Esau," When I saw your face, it was shining as though I was seeing the face of God." God appeared to both Jacob and Esau that day. They granted the blessing of seeing God in each other. This was the Foundation of Substance which removes the fallen nature. Jacob no longer lacked the appreciation of the blessing that he had been born with and had never known what it was like to be without, because now he had seen it from the point of view of giving it to someone who was born without it and had never known what it was like to have it.

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