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Note About Repentence

Peter Nordquist
November 8, 2011

I'm sure that we all have experiences of repenting for everything under the sun. But anyway, I would like to make a comment in which I will not reveal the names in order to protect secret identities.

Once upon a time on the MFT around 1977-78, I was at the stoplight at 11th Ave and about 57th St in Manhattan. During that three month period of time, I arrived there early in the morning and left at about 9-12 at night depending on the weekend. I would walk down the line of cars at the stoplight and ask for donations for tootsie roll pops and sometimes boxes of chocolate covered cherries and mints. All day long besides praying, I would repent for the four fallen natures that theoretically, I had (er have). Amazingly I reached the point where I could actually recognize that every single thought, word and action of mine somehow displayed one or more of the fallen natures.

At one point I prayed that every time God cried that I would cry too. Then for about 10 minutes I could see the horizontal reality from God's viewpoint. Especially I was just then walking by a gas station in Manhattan where a car was in the midst of driving away without paying. The proprietor came out with a baseball bat, and the car drove into him and knocked him through the window glass of the front of the gas station and then quickly drove away. Throughout this 10 minutes in a day in the life of Manhattan at that time (I'm sure it's much improved by now.....I don't want the tourist police to accuse me of driving tourists away.), I was continuously crying at every little thing. Every aspect of the horizontal reality of the fallen world brings tears to God's eyes.

If God thinks about this all the time, He would be crying all the time and not get much restoration work done. So I said, "Okay, enough of that."

Of course if God cannot be the normal God of an unfallen world, there is no chance for anything or anyone to experience being "perfect" from an original sense.

Therefore since any idiot (excuse moi) knows this, it's ridiculous to spend any time at all, trying to say that we're all fallen and in need of repentance.

In order to repent properly for things like collective sin, or ancestral sin, that we have only a vague or even no idea about (e.g. "Oh! Did my ancestors do that?!?!"), then we need the cooperation of God, angels and the spirit world to reveal to us exactly what kind of sin it was that we are responsible to undo; we need the spirits of those whom our ancestors injured to come down into us, such that we can experience their suffering. This can happen through dreams, prayer, life experiences, Chung Pyung Lake, etc.

By the way again, it was during that three months that first True Mother drove by and gave me $20, and then both True Parents drove by and gave me $20, and Father later commented in a speech that he liked my big church ID. He said I had a lot of guts, and this quote made it into the Way of Tradition little blue book vol. IV. It's # 110 p 75 in the MFT section.

"The other day a fund raising member came to my car and asked for a donation. He had a big ID card on his coat that said "Unification Church" and I liked that very much. You have guts when you wear your ID. Open up and show what you are. God has written our ID cards, and if you are trying to hide anything, it actually means that you are trying to hide from God and the spirit world. That is impossible! From whom are you going to hide then? Nobody."

#26 form the MFT section is from God's Day 1977

"Our young people must know why I have pushed them into such a miserable way of life. Now from this morning on you should know clearly. This is why, even without my chasing them, all the MFT members are voluntarily working from morning to night. They have that realization. They are not working for me or anybody else. They are trying desperately to rid themselves of the shackles of the satanic world. Those who think they will do anything that can get rid of Satan's shackles are crazy in a way. But that is not their ambition, that is God's ambition. They are greedy to more dramatically give their lives to God."

Peter Nordquist

PS...of course that's any idiot, no,. that's not what I meant....I meant to say that everyone of course knows Divine Principle, and therefore, absolutely everyone knows already that we're not perfect, especially if not even God can make that claim at this time in history.

Regarding my comment: "Therefore since any idiot (excuse moi) knows this, it's ridiculous to spend any time at all, trying to say that we're all fallen and in need of repentance." 

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