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Glens Falls Teen, Won Suh Nordquist, A Budding Cartoonist

Nancy O'Brien
January 6, 2010

Won Suh Nordquist, 16, works on his art at home. He is a self-taught artist, having taken a two-year mail art course.

Glenn Falls, NY -- Anyone who has tried to draw a cartoon strip knows that it isn't nearly as easy as it may look.

Won Suh Nordquist, 16, of Glens Falls, enjoys drawing, and recently completed a two-year mail order art course.

"I paid for the course with my paper route money," Nordquist said. "I saw an advertisement on TV for an art course, and my sister and my mom called them and asked them to send me the free test."

Nordquist took the test for fun, and sent it in to the company, Art Instruction School. They sent a representative to see him, and he soon decided to take the course to improve his drawing skills.

"I learned the basics of drawing," he said. "They sent me lessons on shading, drawing animals and landscapes, and it really helped me improve my style."

The final lesson had Nordquist put together a portfolio of seven projects, and the final project was free choice.

"One of the suggestions included a cartoon," Nordquist said. "I draw cartoon characters I see on TV so I decided to do a cartoon."

He went to his father, Peter Nordquist, and asked for an idea for his comic strip.

"It was his idea to do a cartoon based on Darwinism and science, but I made up all the characters and words," Nordquist said. "My dad took a similar course when he was a kid." 

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