The Words of the Noda Family

STF Milwaukee Church Sunday Program

Tokufumi J. Noda
September 19, 2005

On September 18, STF made a historical visit to the Milwaukee, WI community led by Mr. Ikeno and the Wisconsin State leader Rev. Sakai. Mrs. North guided the service and the 30 brothers and sisters of the Milwaukee church were joined by two brothers’ teams totaling 15 brothers; all together we filled the church with spirit and love. The morning began with an update on God’s providence centering on True Parents given by Mr. Ikeno. He outlined the series of events and declarations leading up to True Parents’ 100 City World Tour and the declaration of the Universal Peace Federation. This update was so crucial for both the community and the STF brothers to unite and begin the Sunday upon the same center. As Katsunori Kuwahara, a first-year STF brother, had prayed, we all shared that common base – that behind all our activities and different courses and paths of life, whether it be Tribal Messiahship or we’re fundraising on STF, that at the core is the providence centering on True Parents and right now the 100 City World Tour. Even as Rev. Sakai gave the Sunday Service on the necessity to grow ourselves we could find that the Principle and God’s Word brought us all together and was precious guidance for our unique missions as Rev. Sakai urged us to grow ourselves to have a dream and a vision.

After the first half of the morning, guided by the Milwaukee Family Church had ended, STF offered a presentation back to the community. STF began by offering a unique rendition of New Song of Inspiration, complete with harmonies, and followed with a song session to energize the small, but spirited group. After a short video presentation about STF USA, 1st Year member Leighton Lim and 2nd Year member Tokufumi Noda offered testimonies from the frontline and the Third International STF Assembly, inspiring not only members of the community but it was an opportunity for fellow STF members to inherit from each other’s experiences.

Without a doubt the STF brothers appreciated the love and warmth of the community as they welcomed us with open arms and energetic smiles and even with a tasty home-cooked lunch as if to say, "Welcome back!" The afternoon was filled with sports and fun as kids of all ages played soccer and a classic game of "matanage". Patrick Yamane, a first-year member, shared how this Sunday program was the best opportunity to put into practice what we’ve gained on the frontline. We challenge ourselves to love and invest into strangers on the frontline, but in this church community we have the chance to experience a culture of heart as these brothers and sisters became more like family in this environment where we share so much in common. The Sunday Program was a revitalizing experience for all of us, where the warmth and love of the blessed family community could come together with the youthful energy of STF – all in all, thank you Milwaukee family!

Tokufumi J. Noda

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