The Words of the Nishio Family

Earnestly Seeking Info (on Nan Sook Hong's Book)

Susan Nishio
Detroit, MI
October 27, 1998

Since Nansook's book hit a nerve on most every single article of my faith, I knew that it was more than Nansook's authorship, it was Satan's. (to me.) It was too complete an attack for an individual with her personal life history. It was a magnum opus of someone very well versed and very negative against our church using Nansook's story as a credible vehicle. Had it been less complete, I'd have probably doubted this and that until I wavered myself far from the field. But it was not subtle--it was an attack, unmistakably--so I had to fight back for my own spiritual welfare. This is how I went with all this:

First, there are only certain things that Nansook had direct experience with. These are the things she is qualified to talk about. Other things, pre-dating her birth or personal experience, she is not qualified to speak of with the same level of credibility. To represent everything in the book from the first person standpoint as if she participated (we are talking early church history and Father's personal history) is a little dishonest, thereby rendering other aspects suspect--perhaps not in specifics, but perhaps in interpretation or motivation.

Second, her parents weathered the storm of persecution and lies regarding fornication and the "three doors." They knew it was not true, they digested that persecution and remained in the church, had a family and taught their children according to their life of faith. Why bring up those lies? Does it not reflect badly on her parents? This part of the book could not have come from her heart or life's story I was/am sure. This comes from one of our "enemies."

Being in the ginseng business for many years, I am aware of from where most the sales of ginseng came--from our hardworking Japanese brothers and sisters. One can certainly be proud of the product and being associated with it and True Parents, but given who arranged the sales staff and inspired it, a humble mind is the best course to take. Although I heard nothing definitive, from what was stated in the book and what I heard before, I tend to think this was the nature of the problem that led to Nansook's Father's parting ways with True Parents. If my guess is correct True Father felt Mr. Hong's spiritual life was more important than his worldly accomplishment. This is how I dealt with that part of the book, but it is my speculation rather than something more definitive.

Fourth, a prophet has a real tough time in his own country because people look at him as a person first, and God's messenger second, if at all. We heard about Father as messenger first and maybe never considered him any other way. Nansook said that all the 36 couples knew about Sammy. They knew and still they followed Father. I don't know one elder Korean member that doesn't want to be lifted up, that doesn't want to be successful and recognized in his own right. But they are still in Father's shadow, they can't be with their family as they like, they aren't rich. And it doesn't look like it is about to happen soon either. And still they follow Father, knowing about Sammy. I figured they knew something I didn't know and had digested it, because they are not the type to hang around with a loser, someone who made a mistake. These guys could make it big in the worldly sense if Father set them free to do whatever they want. They wouldn't follow Father if Father was less than them. So I borrowed some faith by looking at them and seeing they were still here.

That is how I dealt with the book in my own life. If you have kept up with the list, there is SO much talk about this topic, but people are not coming out with canned answers. I found that what others had to say mattered was just that. What made the difference to me came not from my intellect, but from my heart and what I knew to be true about True Parents and why I love them and what I experienced with them. My spiritual experiences over the years were nothing I made up myself--no deception there.

The church has responded in a memo from Tyler--it wasn't much help for me, but it did address certain large topics. Hyun Jin Nim sent greets to us and shared the True Family's point of view. True Father even spoke--all of which was shared on this list.

There is no official rebuttal that will answer all doubt. I hope you can simply tell the truth as you know it and experienced it. Stalling is suspicious and, well, draining. We are all deeply sorrowful that Nansook has had such a hard path. True Parents still have faith in her as a person and want her to return. She was so very much alone--her parents weren't there, True Parents were not available or if they were, she did not avail herself of them. We can all sympathize with her situation. By bitter example we see the results of living outside principle.

Martha, I think your frustration and banging at the doors of the church will not get you what you want because the answer is in your heart. God and True Parents didn't take that responsibility (dignity) away from you by giving a prepared reply. I really sense this is like the time in Gethsemane when the internal content of the three was tested, so we need to be careful what we say so as to give a beautiful offering to heaven . Speak what you know, from the heart, that's enough. By the way, Father is way beyond all this. (forgetting the persecution--not Nansook or Hyo Jin). He's so busy on what positive thing he is working on, it really inspired me.

Best wishes, and I hope you feel no offense by my reply, for none is intended.

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