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Ginger and John Nicholls
April 20, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters,

Warm greetings from Nepal! Once again, thank you for your kind offerings of financial support, prayers and moral support. With your help, we are able so far to stay another year in Nepal, and so we want to share some inspiration with you and our focus in Nepal leading to 2013.

Our last major event in Nepal was the visit of the Little Angels at the end of February, together with Dr. Bo Hi Pak. Since it was televised on the government national channel, an estimated 3 million people could watch it. It included a short documentary in the Nepalese language and the chief guest was the Vice President of Nepal, plus many high level government VIPs. Dr. Pak was so moved by the response, that he has promised to return to Nepal to give a speech on Father's life in 5 major cities on the foundation of outreach by the Nepal Family Party (NFP). Therefore, NFP has a goal to hold a political rally in each of 75 districts, teaching Headwing Ideology, which they have already begun doing. Nepal UM is also sending government leaders to Thailand to study our teaching (especially from the Communist and Maoist Party.)

Last week we attended a 5 year anniversary party for the founding of the TUT (The Universal Times), Nepal UM's weekly national newspaper which has recently moved from 5th category status to 3rd category status, which enables it to receive a monthly stipend from the government. The newspaper includes reports on events of UPF, NFP, FFWPU and True Parents' activities.

To establish a nation of CIG, God needs people, land and sovereignty. In Chong Sung Gyeong, Father explains that if a Head of State studies and fully accepts True Parents' teaching, and the Constitution of that nation is written based on True Parents' teaching and guidance, then the creation of CIG becomes a natural process and we don't have to first fulfill the condition of educating all of the people of the nation. Father is searching for 12 nations where this potential may be possible by 2013. We include this in our prayers.

Maybe some of you have heard that True Parents are preparing to do another world tour to selected nations on each continent. Our nation is preparing a report and video as to why Nepal should be selected. Our national leader, with feedback from elders, also prepared a report: Mission 2013. It defines our strategy for 2011 and 2012 to realize CIG by 2013. There are 7 areas that Nepal UM will focus on:

1. ODP seminars (already 16 ODP seminars have been held around the nation including 4 times on national television); 2. Blessing activities; 3. Headwing Movement; 4. AFP's Leadership Seminar; 5. Service Activities; 6. Raising Monetary Resources; 7. Establishment of a new Training Center

There is 30 million population of Nepal. We already calculated 7 stages to witness to the whole population even if conditionally. E.g. Beginning with 3 missionaries: 1st stage -- 30 people; 2nd stage -- 300 people; 3rd stage -- 3000 people; 4th stage -- 30,000 people; 5th stage -- 300,000 people; 6th stage -- 3 million; 7th stage 30 million. This year we, symbolically, already reached 3 million people through ODP television and Little Angel's televised event. Throughout 2011, our main focus will continue to be on education through live and televised ODP seminars, Headwing ideology, increase AFP's to 12,000, a 2500 participant seminar for prof./principals/teachers, media leaders seminar and political rallies (including Dr. Pak's education and translation of True Parents' autobiography and distribution of 1 million copies). National level elections are expected next year, so we need to concentrate on expanding and building the NFP so that more of our Unification members can win seats in the government, even at local levels and to increase membership of NFP to the goal of 300,000. Please pray for this.

Yesterday, we attended the open house of the new NFP offices, a 3 story building with its own compound. We are just a new (3 year old), small party, yet the feeling we had at the open house was as if attending one of the long-established central political party events. The main reception room that NFP President (and UM. NL) Hon. Eknath Dhakal uses has a huge portrait of Eknath on the wall -- as is customary among political parties in Nepal. As 30+ year members of U.C., involved mainly in church activities, it is such a strange but exciting feeling to be there in a political atmosphere of Blessed members.

The challenge that John and I face, is that (as foreigners) we cannot be involved with political activity, and the church has to take a somewhat back burner position in order for the NFP activities to succeed to reach the nation. Our fulltime membership is limited, so church leaders have to give main focus to NFP for some time period, while still maintaining the spiritual root and minimum church activity. We feel somewhat like the anchor of the ship in the church headquarters, trying to maintain a spiritual focus. By itself, the church cannot reach the nation, but the NFP can. Then, on the victory of the NFP, the spiritual work should increase.

The main focus for 2012 will be on Blessing education to 30 million and giving the Blessing to everyone throughout the nation. Goals will include Headwing education throughout the nation, advanced leadership education for AFP's, formation of a CIG Constitution, Saturday (Sunday) Service Via live broadcast, and more. Then on Jan. 13, 2013, with True Parents present in Nepal, a televised Blessing ceremony to be given to the entire nation with helicopter dropping holy salt and holy water. This is Nepal UM's vision and (summarized) statement of Mission 2013. Please pray the vision can be realized!!

On the practical side of life, we have a petrol shortage due to unpaid bills to India so transportation has been a great challenge this week and it may be another week before things are sorted out. The American Embassy is placing Nepal in the position to become a model for earthquake disaster preparation. A very large-scale earthquake is being predicted for Nepal that would have greater impact than in Japan or Haiti due to inferior building codes and the fact that Kathmandu is built on an ancient lake bed. The experts are saying it could happen between now and up to 200 years from now.

Finally, I wanted to share a personal dream that I had recently with a member of True Family. A few weeks ago during our Continental leader's visit, we had a long meeting from 5 am to review our national strategy and goals to realize CIG. As usual, I had intense back pain from sitting for so long. That evening, with the memory of the pain in my mind, I struggled to overcome myself and questioned God why I have to continue to endure such physical challenge?

I was awoken at 2:30 am by a dream with a member of True Family. I've had dreams of True Parents' over the years but this time was very different. My dream was with Yeon Ah Nim, Hyo Jin nim's wife, who my husband and I were fortunate to meet last year in Nepal. In my dream, we were sharing together as if she was my best friend. She noticed a frown on my face, asking me about it. I explained to her about my back pain, and she moved behind me and placed her arms around my shoulders, pressing me close to her. Suddenly, I realized that she was taking my pain away, and into her body. This upset me very much and I moved her away from me, telling her that it was not good for her to do that. I woke at that moment, crying because I didn't want a true family member to bear my pain for me. She is younger than me, and already has her own cross to bear having lost her husband at such a young age, so I felt ashamed. However, because my experience with her in the dream was so real, her true love and sincerity touched and moved me very deeply. Praise be to God, True Parents' and True Family!

May God bless you and your families, and all of your efforts to bring victory for God and True Parents!


Ginger and John Nicholls 

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