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Televised Original Divine Principle lectures in Nepal

Ginger and John Nicholls
November 18, 2010

We just wanted to share our exciting and hopeful news with all of you from Nepal. Today, we started our first live televised series of Original Divine Principle lectures on National Television in Nepal from our Peace Embassy (UM headquarters). Most lectures will be given by NL and C.A. (govt.) member Hon. Eknath Dhakal. To cover 7 day content of 24 lectures, with an extra lecture on Headwing Ideology and Nepal Providence, 2 lectures per day are televised every morning following the news from 7:15 am -- 9 pm, then shown again at 10 pm for 12 consecutive days. Today's broadcast went well for the first lecture, then some technical problems during 2nd half but they were finally resolved. Please support and protect this initiative with your prayers!!

True Father approved it -- after Nepal became first country to hold 3 Original Divine Principle 7-day seminars with a total of 1000 participants. We have a given goal to educate 100,000 people with Original Divine Principle by end of this year, Feb. 14 (God's Day according to new calendar). And then, continue to reach the entire nation next year. We have venues set up across the nation where participants register to watch Original Divine Principle as a group in front of screen from televised lectures besides those who will watch from their home. Our members also organized for large groups of people within organizations, schools, prisons, etc. to watch Original Divine Principle each morning with 1 or 2 Unification members present to register names and small exam given at the finish.

Working together as a small education team centering on Dr. Robert Kittel, the Original Divine Principle pp slides were remade with more simplicity and added references to Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam and other religions but keeping the theme of absolute sexual ethics (and core DP) and then translated into Nepali language.

Father's hope is for Nepal to become first Cain nation to substantiate a foundation for Chon Il Guk by 2013. It was an amazing experience this morning, to listen, knowing the lectures were going out to the nation, especially when Eknath read Father's poem Crown of Glory (in English) with great passion at the end of the first lecture. We are trying our best and want to give hope for other nations!! God's victory is coming! God bless,

Ginger and John Nicholls 

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