The Words of the Nicholls Family

The Dark Side Of Global Peace Festival

John and Ginger Nicholls
April 17, 2010
National Messiahs in Nepal

Dear brothers and sisters,

For anyone who has seen the report about recent GPF activity in Nepal and thinks there is cause for celebration, my husband and I would like to make clear from our experience here in Nepal what is the real situation. On the foundation of earlier missionaries and working together with other members, we invested 14 years of blood, sweat, and tears for our beloved nation of Nepal to steadfastly help in building up the foundation leading to the election of our national leader as parliamentary member. This victorious foundation belongs to True Parents, yet we have been fighting over the last 40 days to protect that foundation from others who want to steal it for their own glory.

Some of the VIPs who were familiar with UPF in Nepal and attended the GPF events, wanted to know where was the Chairman of UPF Nepal, (our national leader). Our national leader made a very determined and difficult decision to refrain from supporting or attending any events or meetings associated with GPF, (though he has shared a deep heartistic bond with Hyun Jin nim for 10 years) to set an example to all of our members that he was aligned with True Parents and direction from International headquarters.

While GPF activity was going on last week , most of our members were attending a 7-day Original Divine Principal Workshop, (following True Parents' direction for all members.) At the same time, GPF activity members were constantly telephoning members to try to get them out of the workshop to assist in activities, against the direction of our national leader. We have less than 3 years to work toward the foundation laying for Cheon Il Guk, centering on witnessing activities and proclaiming True Parents as Messiah. The activities of GPF at the present time are only dividing, damaging and delaying the substantial work that needs to be done.

True Parents love Nepal so much because the foundation in Nepal gave them hope. We are desperate to protect the foundation here. From the bottom of our hearts, please understand that, at the present time, the activities of GPF and those who are involved are absolutely not in alignment with True Parents direction and is only bringing negative results to our Unification family. Together with our national leader, we are determined to continue our focus on witnessing efforts, ODP education, AFP seminars and proclaiming True Parents as King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

John and Ginger Nicholls, NM in Nepal 

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