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Now is God's Time - Welcoming Remarks by Bishop Floyd Nelson

Floyd Nelson
June 26, 2005

God's Peace Kingdom is Our Eternal Homeland
Rev. Sun Myung Moon - Four City Speaking Tour
June 26, 2005 - Washington, DC

Welcoming Remarks by Bishop Floyd Nelson

Bishop and Mrs. Nelson receive holy wine

We are grateful for the opportunity to be here for such an auspicious occasion. I was thinking that itís not wise to give a preacher a microphone with this many people in front of him for a short time. (Laughter)

The time is now. I was just thinking about how much time is actually wasted. You can lose your eyes and someone in certain cases can donate you theirs. There are people walking around with other peopleís kidneys in their insides, and hearts. We have blood banks. But you donít have a time bank. Thereís no place that you can reserve time and go back and retrieve it.

I am very, very excited about the opportunity to work with Father Moon and the ACLC to help get the message out. Weíve been fighting long enough, not making any progress. Fighting makes more enemies, but love breaks down barriers. Love is an element thatís stronger than any other element that there is. Love makes you give yourself for others.

I have a lovely wife and weíve been together nearly 40 years. And one thing Iíve learned is when you get two people working together, the accomplishments that you can make are unheard of. When Father Moon was given the assignment that he has, and those of us that dared to stand with the vision, thereís a lot of things that weíve written down and they sound good but theyíre not being implemented. And the one thing that has happened even in my ministry as a result of the relationship with Father Moon is I am pouring into the next generation so that it doesnít end with me. Iím approaching 70 years and I just made my son the interim pastor of a church that Iím pastoring. If I do not pour into the next generation, it dies with me. Weíve got a lot of information thatís in the cemetery that weíll never enjoy. I thought I might have a few church folk in here. Amen over there. And Iím almost through.

But Iím so grateful for the opportunity for more to hear his message. It is not good enough just to hear it. Once we hear it weíve got to implement it and become an example of what we are being taught. For me to say it, it has no strength. I must be an example of what we are being taught, and that commands others. I might not say a lot with my words, but my life speaks louder than my words. Itís time for us to do something about all that we have heard.

As I conclude, I thank God for my praise team, and of course I almost came on stage with them because they did some of the songs that I sang with them. But I didnít want to hurt your ears so I let them sing it. We have a group of young people that are inspired, and because of my inspiration, theyíre inspired. Now if youíve been to a service at Lively Stone, and some of you have, itís an upbeat service. Thatís the reason I came here and Iím expecting us to be upbeat about what Father Moon says to us, and go down from here and do what he says because the time is now. Thank you.

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