The Words of the Nauseri Family

European HARP Leaders Meeting 6th-9th January 2005

Sung Kook Nauser
January 2005

I had two main reasons to attend this yearís HARP Leaders Meeting: 1st - there were many interesting points to discuss (on the invitation letter from the ESGD) and 2nd - to learn from other HARP Leaderís and HARP Committee Memberís experiences and ideas.

We talked about the following topics: National and winter workshop reports, working with Service for Peace, blessing and matching issues, Junior STF, summer activities 2005 (workshops), education of second generation and some other points. It was a very good idea to update us with "Working with Service for Peace" (introduced by Massimo Trombin) Junior STF (Stefan de la Pena) and the current changes concerning the matching and blessing (Geros Kunkel). For instant I learned that Service for Peace (SFP) does not mean to organize a one time project, but to invest constantly into something and even more than that.

I especially liked the sharing time with the nations Germany and Austria. For some countries, like Switzerland, it is very important for the national HARP to work together closely with their neighbour nations and to build up a deep connection to be able to support each other.

Another essential part of the meeting was the discussions about the education of second generation in Europe. We talked about different topics like character education, 3 nos, participation in providential events, spirit world etc. We agreed on the point that the lectures should not go beyond the level of thinking of the HARP members and should be accustomed according to different age groups.

I felt that this HARP Leaders Meeting was a great success. Having HARP-parents attending it, hearing their point of view and getting their support (unity between 1st and 2nd generation) made the meeting even more successful.

Every day we discussed around 6 hours, but because it was so exciting the time flew by very fast.

Through the sharing and discussions everybody could learn quite a lot. Now the main point is to put our inspirations and ideas into practice in HARP.

One thing that became very clear to us is that we really need to deepen the relationships between the HARPies, because it is very difficult in todayís world to survive on your own, especially for BCs that live far away from other Harp members. I hope and pray, that all of us can jump over our shadows and try to understand the true meaning of supporting and being there for each other and investing continuously into other people.

I want to express a big thank you to the ESGD, not only for this great HARP Leaders Meeting but also for investing so much every day for the European HARP.

And also great thanks to Heavenly Father, True Parents, our Parents and everyone investing in Godís Providence.

All the Best.

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