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HARP April News

Sung Kook Nauser
April 2005

We held an Easter WS in the Mountains in Unterschächen. The Motto was: "Be confident! Shine it out."

I would like to share some Highlights of the Workshop-program with you. We organized a small Service for Peace Project. The SFP-Activity was to clean the pebble from the streets. We made 4 groups of which 2 groups drew nice cards to give it to the citizens and the other 2 groups went out to clean the streets. We had a lot of fun and in the afternoon around 10 citizens and helped us to clean. After the cleaning and drawing wonderful-looking cards (I was so impressed to see the creativity of my younger brothers and sisters, since I am not such a good drawer), we went out to give the cards to the people in the village.

We had a karaoke evening. Some parents thought that nearly nobody would sing, but in the end we sang until midnight. Sisters wanted to sing nicely and we brothers, we just shouted it out as loudly as we could. For me it was a wonderful time, to see french- and german-speaking HARPies together shouting hand in hand.

I am looking forward for the next Workshop!

Sung Kook Nauser

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