The Words of the Nagle Family

My First Meeting With True Parents

Danielle Nagle
May 19, 2001

I remember the first time I saw Father. I had been a member for a few years then, and I came to America to save it from communist (so they said). All the new comers were blessed by Father's visit and I couldn't wait to see Him. By that time, I had had many dreams and I was sure I would hear angels singing at Father's arrival.

How surprised I was when He came and not a chime was heard in my head! How devastating! How would I tell people in the future that I had met the messiah and felt nothing? I though that I was not worth being there. Maybe I was just like the pigs Jesus talked about to which we should not throw pearls to.

We greeted Father outside the UTS and then went inside the building. I was confused, so confused and shocked and ashamed. I sat on the second row, hoping to be able to experience something magical, though I felt very discourage. Father was speaking in Korean or English and I couldn't speak either on of them. I couldn't even make eye contact with Father. What if He discovers that I'm troubled and that my spirit world is not recognizing Him?

I decided to pray and to focus on how I knew Father in my heart. I fought for long time, not being able to break through a thick spiritual wall that didn't seem to want to go down. But eventually, as I didn't give up, the rain stopped and the sky got clearer and my prayers could go further. When I was done with praying, I raised my head and Father's eyes locked with mine. It seems like for the rest of His talk He was just talking to me and that He couldn't see anyone else. He spoke in English and the words that I couldn't understand a while ago, rang clear in my heart like the tintinnabulation of a church's bell.

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