The Words of the Nagle Family

The Best Days

Peter Nagle
May 9, 2001

A couple of days ago I arrived home from Anchorage where I volunteered some eight weeks hard labor for True Parents tour. Those weeks were undoubtedly the best times of my life. I was privileged to work besides some of the finest human beings on God's Earth. Diaro, Cool Ralph, Yackowich, big Al', Danielle Cohen, Tiffany, Burgess, Malloch and the best of all was the very mature and calm Rev. Kang. It became obvious that I was less loving than they. Grace is such that I was in the fold.

The local ministers were quite tough. Several blastings a day was the norm. At the end of the day nothing was so beautiful as the empathetic look in your fellow soldiers face. There are some tough hicks here in Alaska. We all supported each tightly. Some members, mentioned above, left their spouses doing three jobs so as to afford there participation. I will never forget this. We worked like beavers in spring heat. I felt like I had known these folks all my life. the campaigned seemed to not end. Every day was both excruciating and divine. Truth is I cried tears, tough as I am, many days in a row. Mostly co's I felt Jesus actually felt unworthy of such good members. Even myself ! Jesus felt unworthy of me. This was soul staggering. These dumb ministers, clueless, clueless! Did they have a inkling as to who was coming to town? I argued for three hours with one minister. He let me almost lecture him for long portions of our discussion. In the end the more some of them know the more negative they got. We poured out to theme. Some times I would have fear in my gut as I would approach Mr., Rev. Buttkicher-hand squeezin'crusifix-swinging-cult-killin', ass. Yet our sisters plowed in to these men with reckless abandon. In the end we won the war. True Parents triumphed and I had the honor the real honor of driving our Parents for the two days. This is a story in it's self. It was all in all the best time of my life. I'm reminded of Shakespeare Henry 5' " He who fights with me to day, he, is my brother forever! " As a Brit' this gets me in the gut.

I would run into battle with these folks on a moments notice. Miraculously, yet understandably, my whole life made sense. The Principle, True Parents the kingdom of friends; all made clear to me that I am privileged. I'm turning simple, joyfully too!

From now on I'm going toward good people and I'm going to haul as many people with me as possible. Life is short, relations are tender there is only room to dance in God's splendor! Our movement really has hope. My plan is to find men or women of brilliance and to apply for an apprenticeship, "within".

The past, and in some cases the present might be called F.U.B.A.R. I suggest we bust free of the past and current silliness. We ought to seek out true spirited brothers and sisters and en-mentor them. Inheritance of maturity is needed from our best.

Well I hope this inspires you brothers and sisters. I hope I can pass on some blessing to you all. Thanks to all who worked all over the U.S. especially those who worked multiple cities.

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