The Words of the Muhlbock Family

Our First Event With Jun Sook Nim

Misun Muhlbock
May 25, 2007

Thank you so much to God, True Parents, and Jun Sook nim for this event in Arizona. We could really feel the power of women and motherly love radiate throughout the room. STF was asked to pray for the event in order to best support. Apparently some behind the scenes events were trying to stop the speech. So we took shifts of praying 20 min to help protect the event and for guests to come with an open heart to hear this message. Each of us felt we could connect our hearts more deeply and prepare ourselves to best support Jun Sook nim.

The event was so beautifully prepared through songs of peace by several artists and God's spirit was sincerely invited to be with us and dwell in our hearts through prayer. Women in the room were recognized and such a motherly and embracing heart filled the room.

Rev. Jesse Edwards inspired the audience and seemed to channel Hyun-jin nim's spirit and energy, being able to go around and embrace everyone as his family and encourage them to shout, "One Family Under God!" We were touched by his personal testimony of his experience with True Parents and how the Blessing saved his marriage and his family.

Everything prepared the atmosphere to welcome Jun Sook nim. She spoke with a calm yet strong voice, sincerely reaching out to each member in the room to take these words to heart and act accordingly.

The next morning members, leaders, second generation, and one STF team gathered in a small room for Hoon Dok Hae with Jun Sook nim. We felt like such a family with both first generation and second generation attending True Family as one family. Jun Sook nim explained that everyday Father is reading the 10th Peace Message, the same one we read for Hoon Dok Hae. He is constantly setting conditions for us to be able to take these words to heart. She invited an STF member to read the Pacific Rim message and after saying a few words invited STF to sing a few songs. She expressed such a motherly heart praising all the effort of the members in this desert of Arizona. Yet she expressed that we all need to take that next step and not just relax but continue reaching out to even more people, constantly growing and improving. Jun Sook nim said that she feels so much renewed energy when she sees STF because STF is the hope for the future of this movement. She asked us 'are we going to be in Las Vegas…?'

After a quick breakfast we set off for Las Vegas, NV with hope and anticipation to be able to meet again and offer more. Thank you Jun Sook nim and Arizona Family for all of your hard work.

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