The Words of the Muhlbock Family

Appreciation to the Boston Family

Misun Muhlbock
May 3, 2006

Thank you Heavenly Father for our visit to Boston Church. We felt such a welcoming spirit right when we entered the door. Every face we saw had a smile for us. Singing songs with the congregation was so inspiring. STF was placed right up front and we really felt this pride and hope from the parents and leaders when looking and talking about us. All the teams offered songs and several heartfelt testimonies. Jerry Lux gave a very brief sermon but he said he felt that one was not needed because the testimonies from the STF members held so much inspiration.

After the service, lunch was served and then all 2nd gen and STF members were asked to help in preparing invitations for True Mother's speech. Several thousand had to be prepared so there was a clear sense of urgency and any help was greatly welcomed. STF members were delighted that they could give something back substantially to the Boston Church.

Because of a little miscommunication and available space, there was a division with the STF members working upstairs and the 2nd gen of the Boston church working downstairs. But that was quickly remedied with the help of several college students who also felt it was important for us to get to know our younger brothers and sisters. Through the spirit of teamwork we could work together to help serve True Parents and get to know more of our family. The harmonization of younger kids telling STF members what to do with the invitations and STF members investing in their younger brothers and sisters was a beautiful exchange.

Thank you Boston Church for all of your love and support! The banner that you made deeply touched our hearts. It means a lot to know your family is supporting you.

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