The Words of the Mori Family

Visit to Evangelist Church

Takeo Mori
October 12, 2005

Last night, four brother's teams stayed at the Chicago Family Church, practicing Holy Songs until late night and coming up with presentations for the next day's visit. The morning started out with pledge and Hoon Dok Hae in the van. As we arrived at the HOPE Evangelist Church, all four teams had one mindset, to witness to them. We were there to represent True Parents and all of the Blessed Families. Uncle Ken Mourey escorted us into the church and what I saw was a small congregation of about 30 people altogether, and it seemed a bit quiet.

But as soon as we walked in, we received a warm welcome. Just our presence there was already significant, making up about half the people there. The pastor, Rev.Weston was counting on us to create good spirit in the Service that morning. We knew that Rev.Weston had been to Korea and had some foundation and was very positive about our church. I felt that even more than our songs and presentation skit, Jon and Ju's testimonies had great impact on the people of the congregation.

The energy of our responses inspired the Reverend and the congregation. We knew that we were expected to inspire the youth there also. So after the Service was over, we spent some of time to relate with the church kids. I hope we could make a good impression on them, and they even offered us lodging. Visiting churches has been a great experience for them and for us!

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