The Words of the Moore Family

Reflections on HARP Winter Workshop 2005

Phillip Moore
February 2005
United Kingdom

Well, I found this Workshop useful. I think it has really helped with getting the HARP situation off the round. First we started with a leadership Workshop, it was especially good as people felt appreciated, and we were eventually given more responsibility we our own regions. It was all much more personal and on a one to one basis. It was a very valuable experience and I learnt a lot. The main Workshop was also very valuable. It was different from others as it was aged 14 and up, which I noticed was very important later on. Everything seemed on a higher level on all areas. The BCs themselves seemed much more mature and finally able to express themselves emotionally. Also the talks and lectures were concentrated on an older range with things you wouldn’t normally see being talked about. The schedule overall was very good having many things packed into it over the short time we had together. I particularly liked the challenge we had as it was something I had never experienced before and was surprising. The God’s day celebrations were very packed, like everything else, and it was a really great feeling to spend such a holy day with people just like me. Overall the Workshop was extremely good and I got so much out of it. I will never forget it.

Phillip Moore

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