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Help us, help you!

Kathleen Moloney
June 29, 2011

Don't delay! Join the cause today!

Help support us to make a better online service by upgrading our resources and equipment!

We've been streaming our services and other events for over a year now. As the demand for it grew stronger, and more people started joining us online, the more we came up with ideas on how to improve it in order to make the quality just as good as if you were right there sharing the experience.

So why did we put this advert together? Well, essentially, in order to create a really great service, we need to spread it and make it available, professional and presentable to everyone out there. This advert gives YOU, the viewers, the opportunity to improve the quality that YOU would like to see, by donating. It also means that you know exactly what your money is going towards, and can see the development every time you stream online.

This animated advert was created by Seijin Thomas! Please enjoy, and don't forget to donate to the cause! 

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