The Words of the Moffitt Family

Why we must file a lawsuit against UCI

Larry Moffitt
May 12, 2011

Since Preston [Hyun Jin Moon] has decided to completely ignore the Founder's directions on every front, there is no choice but to legally and forcibly move him out of UCI. His willful disregard of the founding purposes of these numerous projects and properties is destroying them, and along with them, the sorely needed value they could have contributed to the final phase of True Parents' providential mission.

He creates threats to our projects, properties and members time after time, while rejecting all peaceful overtures and requests for dialogue and reconciliation. Furthermore, his unpredictable and endless proliferation of an adversarial atmosphere, by his behavior, has severely damaged our image and the legacy of True Parents that all members worldwide have built. The spirit of "one family under God," which is his signature piece, is, ironically, trampled under his feet. The assets of our movement have been built by the blood, sweat and tears of True Parents and our members. Their sacrifice makes these assets sacred trusts, under the rightful ownership of these members, and they should be returned to those who built them.

It has reached the point where to ignore it and just let it go, is now harmful to True Parents' movement, their legacy, our members, and ultimately to Preston himself. For that reason we must turn to the secular legal system for our solution. The providential timetable is limited and we are now forced to take action.

Larry Moffitt 

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