The Words of the Moffitt Family

Memories of an Enchanted Day

Kaeleigh Moffitt
June 2008

This Blessing Ceremony was the first of its kind; it was a national-level blessing. and the first blessing in the United States of second-generation members conducted by first-generation leaders, Dr. Yang and his wife. For that reason those in our very small blessing group will never forget each other.

Last minute announcements and changes always make experiences in our church more exciting; our blessing was no exception. Because we weren't sure for a long time if second-generation members could attend the blessing on May 17, many couples took part in a prayer condition. Our hope through the condition was that True Parents could feel our sincere hearts and open the blessing to the second generation. I think the experience of setting a prayer condition together for the blessing brought us much closer.

The day before we found out we could attend the blessing, my fiancé, David Moffitt, and I both had dreams of True Father. We felt so much love and care from him in those dreams that all anxiety and stress left us. We completely trusted Heavenly Father and True Parents no matter the outcome.

The blessing itself was really quite magical. We call ourselves "The Seventeen."

Seventeen second-generation couples were among the eighty couples blessed on May 17. Now if that doesn't make seventeen a providential number, 1 don't know what will!

I remember the look on David's face when I came out of the elevator in my wedding dress. That was the look I had been waiting my whole life for. I loved seeing all of my best friends in their wedding dresses, looking as beautiful as ever, and standing next to the men they would spend their entire lives with. I loved all the different religious men and women who came to give us their support, blessings and joy. I loved that my entire family could literally stand behind me on the day I was blessed. even loved that we sang "happy blessing day" to the tune of Happy Birthday. The banquet afterward was one of the most beautiful scenes I have yet witnessed.

There was so much love in the room and so many families. It was perfect.

During the seminar in preparation for the blessing and on the day of the blessing, Rev. Phillip Schanker and the Stephens family really took good care of all of us. Although True Parents were not physically with us at the blessing, David and I could feel their love through our uncles, aunts, and older brothers and sisters.

We had special education the day after the blessing and were even treated to a Chinese buffet. I had the chance to pray publicly in front of my fellow newly blessed brothers and sisters, and when I ended my prayer "in the name of David and Kaeleigh Moffitt, a blessed central couple, AMEN," the entire room erupted with applause and cheers. We were all so excited to be blessed. I feel something very special about this group of couples. I know they will make it and I am confident in the integrity of each of them.

I have a feeling this is how God designed it. And so I have to say thank you to all of those who made it happen. Thank you, Heavenly Father, for creating the beauty of true love. Thank you, True Parents, for allowing us to receive the blessing. And thank you, all the people who made my blessing day the best day of my entire life. Both David and I Will never forget it. 

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