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Blessing Responsibility And Springtime For Hitler

Larry Moffitt
October 3, 2004
Bowie, Maryland

Last week I saw someone express in writing, concerns about our responsibility if we give someone the holy wine blessing but, because of their lack of understanding about the power and meaning of the blessing, they don't keep a heavenly standard or they commit a sexual sin. In other words what is our culpability if we administer the blessing and their blood lineage is changed by the blessing, but they go ahead and commit the original sin again?

Her concern was that if you left the person unblessed they might simply die and go to the hell of Mr. Common Man. But if you elevate him to a blessed and purified person -- and he does the bad thing -- then you may have made it so he goes to a far worser, badder hell.

Some might see this as theological nit-picking, and while it might be that in part, my first thought was this person has such a beautiful soul to be carrying around this level of concern for others.

She also commented about a woman she knew who was very upset because her husband committed the sin of oogling a pretty woman on the street. That is, he stared at her firm and supple butt/breasts, etc., drinking the image into his mind. Possibly for acting on later when he is alone. First, I agree that oogling of women by men is a big problem, and we don't talk about it enough. It is something that must be overcome. I am sure that in the highest heaven, men don't stare at a woman's chest while talking to her. That's all a part of the mind/body unity that needs to become "first nature" to all people worthy to enter heaven.

I also know men are hardwired to oogle. It is elemental in a man's nature to ensure the perpetuation of the species by planting his seed as far and wide as possible. It is favorable for a group's chances of survival if one male can inseminate many females (in a species where the females give birth to just one offspring, or less, each year). That's the biological reality in which we live, and a reality that God created. So far, so good.

However, God gives men (and women) an opportunity to rise above our software encoding by putting before us, his commandment to achieve a level of maturity above the instinct level by delaying gratification until our body's urges are under the control of our wisdom. It is quite special to do this, since sex provides the most pleasure that is possible for the central nervous system to deliver. Disney World can't even compare. Nor can even Caspian Sea sturgeon roe with a really good sauvignon blanc.

God said don't fall. Jesus took it a step farther and said don't even oogle. This has been echoed by True Father, Daemo Nim, Rev. Sudo and now me. Don't oogle. Be on your guard all the time. For example, light a candle when you make love with your mate so you can be sure to stay on-message, to look into her/his eyes and think of no other person.

But in the current state of human nature purity is always easier to say than to do. Even among we who know better, it takes an iron will and constant vigilance to stay on the straight and narrow that would enable us to pass through the eye of the needle Jesus spoke about. And so we plod onward. The road to becoming like God is two steps forward, one back. And that's on a good day. One of the things I am most grateful for is having lived to age 55 because I have needed the extra time to see visible progress. If I can live to be 80, I might actually be able to force Satan to punch my ticket. Wouldn't that be a shock to the Prince of Darkness?

We all know the blessing is conditional upon our own behavior. A lying, thieving blessed gentleman on earth still suffers in the spirit world. Does he suffer as much as much as a lying, thieving person who is not holy wine-blessed? I really have no idea.

I imagine when you bless your relatives with holy wine, it's a conditional blessing, just like mine. I also imagine if your relatives receive the holy wine blessing but don't deeply understand the significance of it or don't change their behavior, then they still have to do the same work in the spirit world to overcome their bad habits as any other unblessed average Joe Sixpack who goes around talking to women's chests.

However, I don't think they suffer any additional penalties for having taken the holy wine without a deep understanding. I think in this sense, the blessing is as much like an invitation from God as anything else. It's a glorious second chance for a person, and while he might kick himself later for not honoring it, I don't think he gets any extra punishment for failing to grasp the whole gravity of it.

This is only tangentially related but thinking about this has profoundly impressed upon me the thought that it might be possible to end up in rock bottom hell without actually having done any great evil of your own. That's how pernicious and Elmer's Glue-like is the nature of evil.

For example...

Whenever we get to the "where Hitler is in spirit world..." section in our hoon dok hae reading, I read the part about Hitler being nailed up to the side of a tree. He is naked, fastened spread-eagle, and there is a long line of people stretching down the street and around the corner. An endless parade of angry souls. As they file past him, they scream at him or scratch him or smash his testicles with a brick. I believe that's how it was described in the communication from Rev. Lee.

Reading that, I always imagine a pile of bricks as the line approaches the tree. Each person picks one up and gives Hitler a good smash between the legs, and then discards the brick in another pile just beyond the tree as he goes down the hill to get back in line. Maybe there's even a sign as you approach the tree, about five feet tall with a horizontal line drawn on it and the words, "You must be this tall to smash Hitler's balls."

Rev. Lee, who is the one who first described this scene, talked about meeting a young virgin woman there who was part of the throng crowding around Hitler. She had been killed in the gas chamber of a concentration camp. Rev. Lee didn't go into it deeply but I got the impression that this woman, who was innocent and basically sinless, was stuck in this deepest, cold, gray hell with Hitler and was "bound" to him in some way, imprisoned there by her resentment or sorrow or whatever strong emotion about Hitler.

So Hitler, by his evil deeds, not only consigns himself to hell but becomes like a big constipating cork in the colon of spiritual upward mobility. Millions of people are just stuck there in that awful griminess, unable to get past the blockage of Hitler's evil.

Sometime after Rev. Lee wrote about Hitler in hell, Hitler was blessed and, regardless of Hitler's understanding of the blessing or the strength of his determination to repent, my understanding is that he was as least cut down from that tree and allowed to pursue his restoration. Maybe even something wonderfully more better. I assume also, that the innocent Jews were liberated at the same time as Hitler and were given assistance in getting on with their lives of restoration. If that young Jewish woman could have all that sorrowful crap lifted off her shoulders and could go on to be blessed to a pure and loving man in a high realm, and finally grow into the joyful daughter of heaven that it had always been her destiny to be, then it is so well worth forgiving Hitler.

It lifts my heart beyond measure to think how much God is devoted to our happiness.

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