The Words of the Moffitt Family

Kenya - Welcomes GPF

Larry Moffit
August 30, 2008

Tonight H.E. the Honorable Raila Odinga, Prime Minister of Kenya and Mrs. Odinga, joined our ILC and Global Peace Festival banquet. They entered the room where it was planned that the Prime Minister and Hyun Jin Nim would both present some remarks. The Prime Minister spoke first, saying many wonderful things about True Parents' vision:

"The Global Peace Festival uses the motto 'One Family Under God,' to show that, before we are a member of one nation or tribe or political faction, we are first and foremost children of the same one Creator. Membership in the human family makes us brothers and sisters after all."

He built a very high and holy atmosphere in the room.

Dr. Walsh, the emcee, had introduced the Prime Minister and was getting ready to go up to introduce Hyun Jin Nim after the PM finished speaking. But instead of concluding and leaving the podium, the Prime Minister turned to Hyun Jin Nim and then back to the audience, saying, "And now it is my great honor to introduce and present to you, Dr. Hyun Jin Moon, Chairman of the Global Peace Festival." He added a few other things to his introduction and then brought Hyun Jin Nim to the podium. 

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