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Summer 2006 Second Generation Program - Third C.I.G. Surf Challenge, San Diego, California

John Modesitt and Jack Ashworth
August 23, 2006

This was the third C.I.G. surf Challenge Workshop. John Modesitt and Jack Ashworth and a host of other talented first generations surfers helped to pass on their love and passion for surfing. Our HDK on the beach in the mornings taught how True Father has a vision for the ocean and wants us to take true ownership of  it.  We also taught that Father has emphasized the need for recreational activities centered upon the ocean. We instilled the idea that we have to be different in our action, thought, and life style even though surfing has been around for some time.


This year our group increased in size again. We had participants from Hawaii, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Maryland, and New York.


The Modesitt family standing on the left watched how Jack Ashworth creatively handed out the graduation certificates.



Mike Kellett.......known as the 'rock'. Mike gave new meaning to the word endurance!



Perfect conditions. The weather was good and the company was even better.


Some of the participants.


Not bad for his second day!


Matt Janer. His smile explains it all.


The girls were amongst the best this year. All gave it their best and took home some great memories.



Some of the instructors.



Emily Modesitt proving that we can 'walk on water'.


Perfect wave.



Many of the participants had never actually been in the ocean. Observation was one of the keys to success.


John Modesitt surfing at his favorite spot last year


Taking a break.

More information on this program, call John Modesitt at (858) 792-1511 or email at

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