The Words of the Miyake Family

Second Gen with Hyun Jin Nim at the Movies

K. Miyake
April 2007

I thought the gathering at on February 13, at East Garden was great, not to mention a lot of fun. Since it was an invitation from Hyun Jin Nim for anyone to join, there was a wide variety of people there. I remember there was the entire STF there, CARP's NLTP team, the ILTP team, and also a bunch of college students from all over. I saw people from Boston, Bridgeport, huge groups from New York and New Jersey, and several from Maryland and Virginia. This was on a weekday, so a bunch of college students cut class for this. But it was definitely worth it.

The main point of the gathering was to celebrate the success of Hyun Jin Nim's Speaking Tour. To be honest, that's all I remember everyone doing, enjoying each others' company and celebrating. We had really intense yute games. Now, I'm not the type to enjoy yute because I could never understand all the screaming and yelling over a bunch of sticks, but there was lots of synergy when we played. Especially, the New York/New Jersey team. We turned out doing pretty good, not too shabby; we won a handsome amount in cash prize. That kind of made me more proud of being part of the tristate. Other things we did during that day were listening to ministers' testimonies about their experiences with the tour and True Parents; watching movies at the theater, over 200 of us and enjoying songs and performances all together over a nice Korean meal.

As for what Hyun Jin Nim actually said at the time, I honestly cannot remember (I forgot to take notes), but I do remember one thing. I remember that he was happy. And so was Dr. Yang and everyone else that was there. I can't even forget the huge grin that was on Reverend Jenkin's face at the end of the day. It was just a happy time.

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