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Reflections of the 13th Peace Pilgrimage 5-18 Nov. 2004 on the way home to New Zealand

Barbara Minett
November 18, 2004

17 Nov. Tel Aviv Airport:

Sitting here now to write a reflection of the time in the Holy Land

Did I come closer to Godís Heart?
Did I realize a new piece of myself?
These questions I ask.

It is hard to bring the energy of the experience into a spoken language.

Therefore Iíll take time to think.

18 Nov. Hong Kong Airport:

In the midst of all the seeming chaos there is something special about the Holy Land.

The fact is that it is holy because of its history and all the main central figures that walked throughout the land. Moses, King David, Elijah, Jesus to name a few.

I longed to see the spiritual Jesus as his disciples did after his resurrection. Jesus spoke to me a few times.

"I am with you," Jesus said, as I walked into the Garden of Gethsemane towards the Holy Ground and feeling that he is with all of us.

Here at the Hong Kong airport Jesus said, "Thank you for coming to Israel. Thank you for repenting on behalf of the Jewish people. Now live in Cheon Il Guk."

Every moment is building the Era of the Peace Kingdom.

23 Nov. Home in New Zealand

There were so many new sights, sounds, and smells, and so many people from all parts of the world to smile with, the beautiful people of the Middle East, Jewish, Christian and Muslim and the unique friends from around the globe that shared in the pilgrimage. There were so many Holy sites to ponder upon the events that took place in Godís providence. The rocky terrain had its special beauty and the walls being built today that divided the people had its sadness. I longed to deeply understand present day reality in connection to the past and future. I walked where Jesus walked, but how will my steps influence the future peace as I searched for divinity. Every moment I wanted to have a meaningful experience, but even in the desire I was boxing the sensations and needed to release and go with the flow of energy. It was then that each smile, each sight was meaningful. Participating in acts of kindness that were all around was so moving in my heart. Here now in New Zealand it is the same, it is the moment upon moment that builds the Peace Kingdom, where hearts meet. As the tour guide said, even if the area is not the authentic place where a piece of history happened, it is the traditional place where the event is more important. I believe that the tradition of having the true heart of a child of God that Father and Mother Moon are teaching us will make every moment and every place around the globe authentic, genuine, real and true. I am so grateful to True Parents for initiating these Peace Pilgrimages to comfort Godís heart and that we as His children can deeply understand our Cosmic Parent. The reality that I could participate at this time brought me closer to who I am because of who everyone I met was. Thank you to all.

Day by day praying for peace to come to the Holy Land and spread throughout the cosmos.

Blessings to All,

Barbara Minett

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