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Special Seminar for Peace Leaders November 8-13

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
November 6, 2009

Special Seminar for Peace Leaders:
Bringing about a True World of Peace and the True Parent UN
November 8-13, 2009 -- Cheonshim International Youth Training Centre
Invited: Leaders and Cain BBWs

Dear Sub-Regional and National Leaders and UPF Secretaries-General,

Today our Founder extended his invitation to the Special Seminar for Peace Leaders: Bringing about a True World of Peace and the True Parent UN to Cain Boon Bong Wangs (BBWS) and leaders of our Movement from beyond Korea.

Our European President has indicated that this invitation should be passed to all nations and that the following may be invited at your discretion:

1. Cain BBWs or other significant / close Ambassadors for Peace who are prepared to be in a seminar at which the accommodation will be at a standard we are accustomed to as international leaders (mattress on the floor etc) and would not expect any special VIP treatment.

2. National Leaders and UPF Secretary Generals who feel to respond to this sudden opportunity to receive such precious educational content.

3. Other members in good standing who can respond immediately, pay their own way and wish to benefit from this Seminar.

There is no international sponsorship for those wishing to attend.

The nation or the individual should be prepared to cover the airfare and registration fee.

The time frame is VERY short and the expectation that European participants can respond is limited.

Names and details of those wishing to attend must be submitted to the European Office by midnight tonight.

Date: November 8-13 2009 (Arrival by 10:00am on 8h November)
Venue: Chungshim International Youth Training Center
Registration Fee: 100,000 KRW (58 Euros)
Content: Divine Principle, Ideology of Peace, Original Divine Principle and other themes

Tim Miller and Peter Staudinger
European Office 

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