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Special Outreach Campaign for the "Grass Roots" Development of our Movement 40 days from 18th February to 29th March 2001

Tim Miller
FFWPU Vice-President, Europe
Thursday, 15 February 2001

Dear Leaders,

There follows a summary of the key points for this 40-Day Campaign, as expressed by President Sa at our European Leaders' Meeting in Prague.

General Points

1. We can have many different goals, but we need to challenge to find new Family Members, as the overall development of our Movement depends on increasing our "grass roots" membership.

2. We should concentrate to gain members early in the year. Later we can expect to become busy with many other projects and requests directly from True Parents.

3. Each nation can have a different pattern of activity during the 40 days, depending on that nation's particular situation, but ALL nations should participate in the 40 Day Campaign.

4. Do not be limited by your nation's past results. Rather feel that, on the foundation of "The Coronation Ceremony of God's Kingship", we can expect many significant breakthroughs. We are living in a new era.

5. Federation members -- take care in many ways, so that they can become active participants.

Witnessing Goals for 2001

European Goal 7,000 new Family Members

Regional Goal 1,000 new Family Members in each Region

Qualification - New Family Members must have completed a 3-Day Divine Principle Seminar (Friday evening to Sunday lunch)
National Prize - The first nation to achieve 1,000 Family Members
Development of Sunday Service attendance
Increase in number of Local Centres
Directions and Suggestions to Support Development

1. The Team System - A way to develop our sense of community, offer pastoral care and support to members and families, encourage activity, and strengthen the grass roots of our Movement.

Volunteer Team

Co-ordinators should be decided by the end of February.

2. Membership records - By the end of February each nation should submit a name list of existing Family Members, organised by Local Family Church/Centre. This will identify those existing members to whom you will offer pastoral care and should be inclusive especially of Blessed members who accepted DP and True Parents. Categorise the level of involvement as:

Leadership role
A - active (regular attendance and contribution)
P - passive (little or no attendance, but in contact)
H - children over 12 years who are HARP members. Thereafter this membership list should be updated monthly in your national membership report.

3. 3-Day Seminar 30th March to 1st April Conclude the 40-Day Campaign with a final 3-Day Seminar the results of which will be included in the Campaign.

4. Hoon Dok Hae Conferences

Decide a schedule of conferences on the National and Local level. Hold on a smaller scale and economically. Develop the educational contents. Gain the support of VIPs to offer commentaries, but include a majority of participants who are "witnessing contacts", relatives/hometown contacts/friends etc.

5. Blessing Ceremonies

Schedule National and Local Blessing Ceremonies. Make beautiful, meaningful ceremonies, even centering on a few previously married couples, but invite many relatives, friends, contacts, VIPs etc and develop as a way to witness to FFWPU and the ideal of Blessing and True Family.

6. Tribal Witnessing

Support Blessed Families to witness to their family/tribe/friends. True Father is emphasizing that our tribe should be our primary witnessing target.

7. National Witnessing Team

Liberate some members to participate in full-time witnessing.

8. Develop creative ideas nation by nation

Each nation must pay attention to "The Main Directions for Developing the European Movement", but should also develop particular programs and emphasis according to the national circumstances.

9. Regional Level Co-operation

Organise projects and educational programs on a Regional level.

I hope that this summary supports your Nation's activity during this period. Please harness, stimulate and appreciate all the sincere efforts of our precious membership. Let us use all our insight and creativity to maximize sustainable development and a significant strengthening of the grass roots of our Movement.

May God Bless you in all your efforts.

Yours sincerely

Tim Miller
FFWPU Vice-President, Europe

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