The Words of the Millaire Family

400 days, as a family in the Chung Pyung Garden of Eden

Sylvain and Mieko Millaire
June, 2001

Father has called all blessed couples who didn't go to "The 21 Days Workshop for the Registration of the Kingdom of Heaven" for their very precious attendance: The last special seminar will take place from July 18th to August 8th this summer.

Everyone of each blessed family member will drink the holy wine and experience Rebirth: Every family shall inherit a "Piece of the Kingdom" and count themselves among the eternal first ancestors, whom first responded the divine call of the chosen ones! The great mother Dae Mo Nim sees the difference between the ones who drink the holy wine and the one who don't! Do you believe it? I do!

The Holy Spirit

The clear and crisp environment of Chung Pyung, comfort and protect us, guide us and can even heal us from our spiritual and physical problems. Upon our coming back, we receive some "absolutely good spirits," that helps us to accomplish all our responsibilities and feel love.

It is for each one of us to learn how to maintain control over our satanic environment; So we can become subject over it, never again multiplying the "Great Han of God" by following the tragic patterns of the past fallen history of our ancestors!

My spouse and I can not boast of having a long Chung Pyung journey on our account: In fact, to be frank with you, it is the story of a "curse" that has been transformed into a blessing: When I first visited this place 3 years ago, I was answering the call of the spiritual world wanting to help us saving our blessing, Mieko and myself! After we went through a few 40 days workshops together, I understood the true value of this priceless Restored Garden of Eden: Small responsibility of our Own + Huge grace of Dae Mo Nim = Rebirth

I must openly admit the very stubborn state of my family to not follow seriously (absolutely) the Heavenly Law, which is one with True Parents. So please, let me redeem my family by sharing my sincere heart with you. Dear brothers and sisters, forgive me if I say things that cause you to struggle and suffer in your hearts…

I realized that the 21 days registration blessing seminar is of crucial importance for all of us, chosen blessed couples that we are: But it is also very important for the success of God's Providence in gaining victory toward the Unification of our Fatherland! I mention this, specially, for the "lost sheep" that are wondering if it is just another seminar?

No! It is not just another seminar; As the Chung Pyung special 40 days workshops that have been continuously marching on, were not either! This Heaven and Earth Training Center is the precious place where the Spiritual World becomes One with the Physical World.

Changing the Order of our Love

Contemplating the horizon of the lives of blessed couples, I have no choice but to see how much we have been working very hard to survive and be able to support our children. I was bullied around again and again, by the surrounding satanic environment, and embraced sadly this kind of life... In the meantime True Parents are working very hard for the Providence of Heavenly Father, to the extend of offering their own children for it!

I, therefore begged all of you who love dearly True Parents and the suffering lost Children of God, to reflect on the true meaning of this Special Blessed Wives 21 days Workshop taking place at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center:

Dear and very needed brothers and sisters; May I share with you my own understanding of this workshop? As a husband of an infinitely precious especially chosen spouse by the True Parents; I am endowed by the Grace of the Merit of the Age. I must always love my beautiful True Love Mieko, even when I feel hurt by her in any occasion; As Dae Mo Nim says, I must yield to my spouse and humbly serve her until she willingly step by step surrenders her whole Shimjung to me.

She will naturally feel the desire to return her full Beauty to me: To achieve this absolute goal, I, as a son of True Parents, must control my self-centered emotions creating anger and arrogance in my heart and causing God to feel the desire to go away from my family; This wrong attitude blocked the way for the four position foundation to be established in my family and in the same time, stop my family to be blessed with the Heavenly Presence; It directly hindered the first and second blessing to be accomplished within my family!

"Do you think that True Mother really understand my path? Not really. That is why she has to absolutely obey me." (True Father, "Today's World," January 2001, page 8)

"In the same manner, the subject partner becomes an object partner to God, revolving around God and thus attaining oneness with him. When the object partner becomes completely one with its subject partner, their union can stand before God as a new object partner resembling his dual characteristics. Moreover, the way for any object partner to stand as an object partner before God is by making oneness with its subject partner." ("Exposition of the Divine Principle" page 26)

Age of Direct Judgment

Without the help of a good spiritual world, we have no hope: I did experienced this fact quite a few times recently.

We had trouble with our baby; We had a small fire in our apartment; Just before going to Chung Pyung, I had a minor car accident! But honestly, did we live by the Heavenly Law? No! We were punished for that. Did you have any similar experiences, dear brothers and sisters?

I have been working Sunday during the last Christmas season and "forgot" too often to attend the service; In the same time, we neglected to offer the full 10% tithing required by Heaven: If we don’t tide, after the 21 days registration seminar ending; Heaven will consider this as the sin of stealing, and our children will have to pay for it, if ourselves we don’t take responsibility for it!

I witnessed my left eye trembling to warn me of a coming temptation; I had a stomach pain just before reaching Chung Pyung, to stop me from doing something unholy; And the most common sign from heaven that I have experienced, was pressure behind my head, when I did something against the Heavenly Law!

Dae Mo Nim tells us the time of "Direct Judgment" has come: I consider this a blessing: From now on, as blessed families, we don't need to have troubles with our precious second generations (Golden Children we must someday offer to God) before realizing there is something wrong with our couple or our ancestors... Please excuse my direct style, that may touch you personally: I truly care for all of us.

I experienced this "Age of Direct Judgment" already several times as you can see in the above real true and painful life experiences of my own family. A few other blessed couples admitted to me the fact, that when they miss their tidings; Soon or later small calamities come after them, putting them in distress!

True Father said: "We should all pray to be able to see spiritually our own spiritual state" This happened to me last summer as I was doing my first ancestral liberation: I was intensely choked to see my whole head spiritually covered with a cement block! This was to show me how much I and my ancestors are cut from the "Shimjung" of Heavenly Father. It was very difficult for me to accept that: As I reflect on this experience one year later, I can see now that this message was truthful!

To balance this negative experience, I would like to mention again about something that happened in the "Shimjung Garden" prayer room: Some ancestors came to me and told me: You are so lucky now you have "Hoon Dok Hae!" Our good ancestors suffered in vain looking for the Truth. Hoon Dok Hae is truly changing my life, guiding me to step by step witnessing my physical parents and making me more humble and grateful for the many rebirths of my life...

Vertical conclusions

As I reflect on my life, I know I failed to live according to the Heavenly Law: So I can't complain of what Heaven has brought upon my family! I am now researching The True Meaning of Living with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience and The deep Significance of Living in the Realm of the Fourth Adam!

"If you go wrong in your new position, your registration must be canceled. When you think what an amazing implication the registration blessing has, you cannot even pray without having done any actual work in your daily life." (Father's words, page 8 "Today's World," January 2001)

"Based on the foundation for the restoration of your fatherland on earth and heaven, blessed families on earth inherited the merit of their ancestors and received the grace of the registration blessing at Chung Pyung in Korea. Through this, they were able to go over the boundary of the unification of south Korea and north Korea. They transcend the level of Jesus’ victory in the realm of Israel, allowing a worldwide level registration that enabled us to go over the world. And they went over the Old Testament Age, in which material was used as an offering. And they went over the New Testament Age. Now, centered on the blessed families, we are separated from the world of Satan. As the heavenly lineage, we have entered the age in which we can reach the position of a model standing owner—centered on the standard of your love starting from the level of the individual all throughout the 8 stages." (This is the meaning of the 21 days registration blessing, except from: "True Father's prayer, Chung Pyung, January 13th 2001 at the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingdom of God".)

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