The Words of the Millaire Family

My Chung Pyung Odyssey - 210 Days in the Garden of Eden!

Sylvain Millaire
Hackensack, NJ
September, 2000

Dae Mo Nim urges all of us-specially the church leaders s our churches can receive a lot of blessings-to perform our Ancestors' Liberation Ceremonies, bless our ancestors and pick them up under the tree of love...(along with the 40 days workshop in Chung Pyung!)

How many of us ever thought that father is not infallible? "If father can make mistake, it means I can make mistake. So I don't need to worry about not being absolute myself; It means also that father is not absolute; Than how can I sincerely believe God himself is absolute?"

With this kind of thinking, we open the door for evil spirits to attack our faith; Step by step, we set up, this dangerous mind pattern, where we can justify any of our desire to not obey and love as True Parents do! I discovered with sorrow, that my fallen intellect can be so helpful, to convince myself of "anything that is convenient for me to believe!"

In Chung Pyung, through uniting with Dae Mo Nim's words and Father's schedule, it is possible to reconnect our heart with the original ideal and straighten up our deviating thinking. Over there, I could understand that the spirit world is absolutely ruled by the Heavenly Law. Dae Mo Nim explained to us that even Heavenly Father can't do anything about it. She says that we are building now the kind of house we will have eternally, depending on our life style on earth:

I don't have time; I don't have money" are our favorite slogans to forget my own filial duties of absolute love, absolute faith, and absolute obedience!

Have you met Dae Mo Nim personally? I had this chance, a few times. Great Mother and Chung Pyung helped me to save my blessing: the least can do is offer this short testimony, right ?

When I met Dae Mo Nim (substantial holy spirit), even before she had spoken any words, I felt like ice under the sun-melting in front of her consoling love: She is very different than us, because even if she makes us know clearly that she can see all our problems; Our Great Mother absolutely doesn't judge but embrace us with an almighty vibrant smile; Moving our hearts from top to bottom!

During this Second visit at "the restored garden of Eden", I also experienced the love and mind of the holy spirit in personal manners, when praying under the five holy trees!

After many days of prayers, I came in this point in my heart, where I could feel the establishment of a connection between my ancestors' lineage, myself, my future descendants and the blood lineage of True Parents;

After many weeks of prayers and repentance, God made me aware of His forgiveness by giving me the deep spiritual feeling of his desire to offer me everything. At that time, I knew that heavenly father was so sad. Because "my" attitude was wrong, he couldn't give me freely his unlimited and tremendous blessings for the prosperity of my family...

"You should understand clearly that the way of blessing is to liberate the seven generation and 120-generation direct ancestors, separate the spirits dwelling in your bodies, and live according to Divine Principle. Your ancestors saved will be deeply grateful to you for saving them and will extend concern and love to you in order to help you by all means." (From: The ancestor liberation Providence-New World, P.79.)

At the sight of myself' representing also all my ancestors, with my head covered with a hard block of concrete, I was shocked for about 12 hours!'! Mrs. Richardson (westerners staff) told me: "You will never forget about your ancestors again; That is how they want to remind you of their difficult situation in the spiritual world!

Dae Mo Nim explained to us that we need to be very concern about hitting our head, because our heavy sins create a very hard rock around this head: After having this experience, I believed it!

I felt so sorry for True Parents, to have to sacrifice his own children because of the irresponsible heart of mankind: And the desire to do something about it was naturally being born inside of me.

The new and huge prayer room "Jungshimweon" or "Shiminng garden" was my main attraction* spiritual world inside; angels take our prayers directly to God. When we can find a sincere heart of repentance, they also help us to be liberated from the evil spirits associated with all our past sins. I had many very meaningful spiritual experiences inside this cherished place of mine.

Inside this splendid prayer hall, some ancestors came to me and told me: "You are so lucky now you can study Hoon Dok Hae." Making me realize how much our ancestors suffered while searching for the truth, but unable to find it-How lucky we are, unification family!

One of the highlights of my last 40 days was the 400 Ancestor's Liberation Ceremony, performed by Dae Mo Nim. At that time, all the rest of the angels that were not fallen came down in Chung Pyung' Dae Mo Nim said that before this event, a person needed in average 3 years to liberate all the evil spirits stuck in our body! But now, with the full power of the angels, we can accomplish this in a much faster way!

God descended among us, using spiral shaped white light, right after the 400 Ancestor's Liberation Ceremony: Dae Mo Nim told the members present, that it was a special grace given by God, to heal our physical problems After a few days my back pain disappeared!

Soon after the descent of the shower of angels, I felt as a white blanket of peaceful and joyful feelings coming down on Chung Pyung! Brothers and sisters were also able to relate to each other in a more clear, simple and truthful manner than before,

Father visited Chung Pyung when I was there, since there was the "First sisters special 21 days workshop for the registration of the kingdom of heaven" (Between other ones): I witnessed father teaching elder couples about how they can become a part of and built the kingdom of Heaven. I deeply feel it is a very important providential time for all the blessed families.

I was very satisfied to witness the fact that fathers words are in harmony with those of Dae Mo Nim.. To have father present among us, within the Providence of the Substantial Holy spirit, let us no room for doubts about Dae Mo Nim's important works on earth!

True Father emphasized the necessity of breaking the boundaries between nations and I feel personally, that in order to do this we brothers and sisters, need to break the barriers among ourselves; prejudices against each others, complexes of superiority or inferiority."

We must allow ourselves to really try to trust each others, listen to each others personal needs and start to built communities where blessed couples will be able to create Ideal environments for our children, families and the world. The kingdom of heaven is as near as we believe it is, within our own heart!-As it is said in "Exposition of the Divine Principle"; A family establishing the four positions foundation, centered on God can built the kingdom of heaven!

My best experience was having father spiritually waking up with me, out of a sleeping bag! I could understand how much he wants us to feel his total omnipresent love with us-we can call this True Love! The same day, just after I was finishing to play drum during the "ansoo" session, True Parents appeared in front of me, passing very closely, while climbing the stairs leading them to the stage of the palace of the heavenly presence:

At that time, all the sufferings I went through since I met the church, became naturally connected in my mind. Which now I can understand, represented the path of restoration of my whole ancestry! My whole being was shedding tears of joy, as I was impatient to hear th em speaking. I feel truly grateful to "my True Parents" for saving us from hell; I can say with confidence that in my heart of hearts, Dae Mo Nim helped me to make True Parents truly my "own": THIS WAS MY REBIRTH!

"The true parents remove our original sin though the Blessing, and expunge our collective sins and hereditary sins by separating the spirits from our bodies and liberating our ancestors through the Chung Pyung providence. Hence, we members simply have to take care of our individual sins." (From: The Providence of the Substantial Holy Spirit p34)

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