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Super Hero and Super me; or the Ultimate Reaching Within Oneself, toward 2013

Sylvain Millaire
June 9, 2011

Today I brought my two boys, Miles and Christian to the movies, to see the new "X-men: First Class" film. One of the superhero was training his friend to teach him how he would be able to unleash all his power, by being able to concentrate his mind… The secret of this was residing in the quest to find the center between anger and peace within oneself: to establish a sort of balance.

This made sense to me in a practical manner; I can't just eradicate all my daily life frustration and anger at once, but I know I have no choice to learn how to somehow manage it and transform these negative feelings into a peaceful projected future, for example. So I can overcome my hatred of a specific situation because I was so much loved. I was shown the True heartistic way: from that, hope is overflowing from my heart, regardless of my current suffering… So I must love someone or I would become spiritually sick.

True Parents, Heavenly Father, Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim have giving me the power to transform my resentment into pure creativity. Strangely, even if sometimes the pain becomes almost unbearable, I think that I need this anger in order to push myself, to be able to tap into pure original creativity. I am in the fight of my life to find my true self, and unleash my true power with God, together with my wife… I feel that once your original talent start to emerge from your true self, there is no ending to it: you become like a small True Father and True Mother.

You become confident that what you are doing is truly unique and genuine and you allow yourself to push forward, no matter how it will be receive by others, at first. Because this light inside of you, is special to you and it captures a special aspect of god's personality: only you can give it to others. So they need you. Because only you can do for them what you do… So, let's open up to our true self and share it to others freely. Soon or later they will come to fully appreciate our gifts.

No matter how hard I try, sometimes I can't escape this devouring anger inside my heart. But I understand now that it is there because I have such a strong desire to experience true love on a constant basis in my life. Does it sound familiar to you? My Frustrations are direct signs given to me from my conscience, always reminding me that I must change and accept the limitations of my wife, for example. If I can achieve this almost impossible feat for me to do, I think that I will be able to become a better guide to her, so she can cling up to the light and even touch it directly, like I did in Chung Pyung last year!

No, I can't eradicate these struggles in my heart, that are connected for example, to the situation between my own mother whom divorced my father (ancestors problems). To be successful to find a balance between anger and peace or between hatred and love is one of the keys for me in order to find and use my maximum power and experience an important breakthrough, that will empower me to transcend my old self and become my own kind of super hero: a real super me: nothing else than simply who I am meant to be, in accordance with the original heavenly blueprint at the time of my creation as a baby…

I desire so much to become a totally sincere, fearless and loving being; just a Filial Son of Heavenly Father. 

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