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Emmanuel Milingo happy with polls, results

September 25, 2011

Arch Bishop Emmanuel Milingo says he is happy with the way the 2011 general elections turned out.

Arch Bishop Milingo says he is pleased that God has rescued the country through people's prayers for peaceful elections.

Bishop Milingo says the huge turnout of people celebrating the election results was encouraging and demonstrates the amount of faith the people have for President Michael Sata.

He says he was impressed with president Sata's plans for the country as outlined in his inauguration speech.

The clergyman also says Mr Sata's demonstration of perseverance shows that he has great plans for the country.

He has urged President Sata and his team to continuously remind each other of their promise to the people of Zambia.

Ends/znbc/ 25/09/11 09 30 hours 

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