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Report Of A 3-Day Workshop For Married Priests - Emmanuel Milingo

Ndode George
June 30, 2010

Yaounde Cameroon, June 23 -- 25, 2010 -- The FFWPU Cameroon organized a 3-day workshop for married priests. 3 of them did one day workshop and 5 completed the 3 days successfully.

It should be recalled that this workshop was organized as a follow-up of the instructions from the Patriarch, Archbishop Milingo, during his last visit to Cameroon this year. He instructed the married priests to undertake a series of education this year, beginning with a 3-day workshop.

The priest answered present for this first schedule, though their attendance was short of expectations. However, it did not hinder the smooth start and successful end of the workshop to the joy and satisfaction of those present.

By the way, it is a remarkable and giant step in the efforts to educate the priests in Cameroon be it the married or the non-married, considering the large following they have in order to open the way for God's truth to permeate the Christian world under the True Parents for the realization of Cheon Il Guk.

The message was explicitly convened to them by the eloquent teaching staff of the FFWPU Cameroon. To the joy and gratitude of the participants, who did not spare any words to appreciate the level of parental heart, the humble attitude and meek words of the staff. This created a family atmosphere which moved and deeply touched the hearts of the participants. For them to acknowledge and testify that they are ready to a long way with the family bonds that we have cemented at this time. This family atmosphere reigned from day one to the last.

In fact, it was difficult to part from each other, we had no choice but to return to our various missions with the hope and wish to meet again at the 7-day workshop they all accepted to attend from July 12, 2010.

We pray Heaven should assist us achieve this noble goal to restore our nation and the world.

Yaoundé Cameroon

Reported by Ndode George
W-CARP President in Cameroon
Coordinator of the workshop 

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