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Zambia: I Am Still a Catholic- Insists Milingo

September 11, 2007
The Times of Zambia

Excommunicated Roman Catholic Archbishop, Emmanuel Milingo has maintained that he has not become a Moonist and assured that he will always remain a Catholic.

In his correspondence with the Times via email, Archbishop Milingo says he has not become a Moonist but states that Reverend Moon referred to him as a "unique person and a gift from God to humanity."

"It is a lie that Milingo has become a Moonist. Neither will such a fact satisfy Rev. Moon that Milingo becomes a Moonist. But if Milingo is thrown away from his cradle of faith, someone who understands who Milingo is picks him up as the Daughter of Pharaoh in Egypt saved the baby Moses thrown in the river Nile.

"Not even a wee bit of my Catholic Faith has accepted an inkling of change in my Catholic beliefs," Archbishop Milingo said.

Arcbishop Milingo said it was sad that, since he left in 1982, people in Zambia, had lost contact with him as he was forbidden to be in contact with them. The controversial Zambian prelate also attributed his friction with the Catholic Church as partly being due to his healing powers.

Archbishop Milingo stated that his healing powers had led him to be guarded by armed men like an animal while he was still at the Vatican.

"When I came twice to Zambia after marriage, I was guarded, and one of the soldiers carried an automatic rifle, even when he was eating at a table."

"What it has cost me to love God and neighbor! Just because I had the healing powers, which attracted thousands and thousands of people. The whole story of Milingo, a protected animal, begins from there," Archbishop Milingo said.

"How I longed to conduct a healing service whenever I came in Zambia. The Catholic Church instructed me that it was a private visit, therefore nothing public.

"Imagine, one having gifts of God to distribute, forbidden to give them to those in need," he said.

He said his life was a serious matter, which was still being molded in God's hands. That is why the Church made a mistake because they considered me a mere poor black guy," Archbishop Milingo said.

He stated that the 'Married Priests" movement would soon be going to Rome for a pilgrimage to the Tomb of St. Peter within the Vatican. He urged Catholics throughout the world to avoid being judgmental and learn to love as God did.

"God loves everyone with his defects. Don't judge," Archbishop Milingo said.

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