The Words of the Milingo Family

Special Lecture By Archbishop Milingo At Chungshim Graduate School Of Theology

Dae Mo Nim
March 25, 2007

Archbishop Milingo giving a speech to the students at Chungshim Graduate School of Theology.

On March 14, at the Wednesday Service, Archbishop Milingo gave a special lecture at Chungshim Graduate School of Theology. Dr. Jin-chun Kim, President of Chungshim Graduate School of Theology, welcomed Archbishop Milingo as part of the development plan for the graduate school of interreligion to be established according to the vision and plan of the founder, True Parents.

For the past 3 months, Archbishop Milingo, participated at the morning Hoon Dok Hae held at Cheon Jeong Gung Museum. Also, as he is staying on the Chung Pyung Holy Ground he would meet with Ambassadors for Peace and visit Holy Ground Beomnaetgal (Busan City), Central Training Center (Guri City) and Commemorative Museum for Dae Mo Nim (Seoul City), following the path of True Parents.

At this service, Archbishop Milingo emphasized, "I received many teachings from True Parents but the core is from the family". He also pointed out the problems of theology churches by Terallianus and St. Augustine that they were established mainly centering on men, saying "A family is a gift from God, and the woman is the center of that."

"God doesn't degrade women. Men are born from women, and how can men say they are superior to women when they originate more than 60 % from the mother. The World's problems, war and destruction, were caused mostly by men. From now on we must dispose the wrong concept of male superiority and balance it between man and woman. And unite as one through respect and love. When that couple unites the true love is received by the children thus creating a true family."

At the end there was a time for the students to ask questions. One student asked, "Tell us your motive to accept True Parents as the Messiah." He answered, "Looking at True Parents' life and his current achievements I realized that this person is the messiah sent by God."

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