The Words of the Milingo Family

Zambia: Sung Deplores Church Action Against Milingo

January 23, 2007

The Times of Zambia (Ndola)

Wife of excommunicated former Lusaka archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, Maria Sung, has denounced the church action against her husband, describing it as nonsensical.

She said humans and not God made the move and therefore, the former archbishop still had God' approval.

Mrs. Milingo, who was speaking at a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday said besides the action being nonsensical, the archbishop lived like a prisoner when he associated with the church.

"He was excommunicated by humans, God does not excommunicate anyone. It was nonsense," Ms. Milingo said.

She claimed that Zambians would attest to the fact that the archbishop was not a free person when he associated with the Catholic Church as he was guarded even when he wanted to attend to calls of nature.

After excommunication of her husband from the church, Mrs. Milingo said the former archbishop was a free person and that since reuniting with her, they had this far lived peacefully.

She said she was grateful to God for the protection and guidance in her life, saying when the couple got married five years ago, the former archbishop suggested that they return to Zambia where she could concentrate on her medical profession.

She said she had been able to cure close to 1,000 ailments in Lusaka and promised to mobilize other doctors to come to Zambia.

While her husband was a spiritual doctor, Mrs. Milingo said she was a secular medical practitioner.

"If I can, I will mobilize medical personnel to cure and offer services free of charge. My husband's focus is on spiritual work, my focus is charity work," she said.

The former archbishop would come to Zambia when God would direct him to do so. Mrs. Milingo said she had been well received by the Milingo family and the two parties were enjoying a cordial relationship.

"I am happy that he is not in prison. My relationship with the family is good," Mrs. Milingo said.

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