The Words of the Miffleton Family

Holy Spirit Work

Carl Miffleton
May 30, 2000

It has long been a concern of mine that the Unification Movement in general is rushing headlong down the pathway of crystallizing into a "denomination"-- that we are becoming what the Mormons, Methodists, Baptists, even the Catholics are -- a religious group that God really can't work through anymore. I think the ONLY reason that hasn't happened yet is because the True Parents are still with us. But we know that Father doesn't have much time left.

What is a denomination? A denomination is what once vital spiritual movements tend to become. What begins as a living movement to "save the world" evolves into an institution or a church, and comes to center on itself. Even if its members are sincere and self-sacrificing, if the movement as a whole is self-centered, it is automatically separating itself from God's Will. We all know -- what God needs is not another church but the Kingdom on earth. If the Unification Movement allows this to happen, then God will be forced to look elsewhere for those who can fulfill the Will (the fact is, it is already starting to happen). And since the providence can only be completed through True Parents, a schism is bound to occur. Those who doubt this pessimistic scenario should reflect on the sobering fact that this has been the fate of EVERY religion to date, including Christianity. That's why, historically, God moves from one people to another, from one nation to another, over and over again.

The fundamental problem is man's deep-rooted fallen nature. Father says: "Man has inherited the fallen nature to be a slave of habit, and even religious people are inclined to live an easy life. But a habitual life of faith is hazardous. Such a life of faith presents a condition for Satan, who works without ceasing, to try to infiltrate." Thus, it doesn't matter how long one has been in the movement or how strenuous one's efforts may have been, all are inclined to turn their spiritual lives into "habit." Witness the phenomena of elder members who become cynical and jaded-- who have lost their enthusiasm for the mission. Father has always scorned such people, praising instead the newly-joined as much more inspired and suitable for God's Will. So, the forces of "denominationalism" are hard at work, setting up financial and political power structures, but ultimately interfering with the providence of restoration. Such forces even use Father's words and various Church traditions to further this aim-- engendering an "us" versus "them" mentality. Thus, there are "true members" who toe the orthodox line, and "non-members" or "ex-members" who belong to the satanic side. This is no different from the obnoxious "saved" versus "unsaved" teaching of Christians.

In Michael Inglis's 1998 article "On the Future of the Unification Church in America", a list of troubles currently plaguing the movement are listed. According to Inglis: "The practice of [Divine Principle] may be good for individuals -- sacrificing for 3 to 7 years -- as a foundation. But when this is continued into middle age and in our families it results in stressed families. Our current culture, starting from the top, does not empower families, but rather squeezes them to tithe, pray, sacrifice, and spend less time with their families. Thus, not only the theology but also the practice of it is counter-productive to fulfilling the second blessing. Furthermore, no one is attracted to a stressed family, and we do not feel the power to witness to the situation. Almost all church members in America no longer desire to witness, because we do not have a healthy situation to witness about." This is tantamount to saying that most blessed Family members are turning their backs on the providence of restoration.

Fortunately, however, God is a Living God and will not allow things to deteriorate further. Moreover, His foundation on earth has never been greater. How then, should we expect Heavenly Father to move? Will His efforts to revive the movement be primarily "physical" or "spiritual"? Obviously, God's efforts will focus on the spiritual.

Divine Principle teaches that originally, had there been no fall, the physical world would be subject and the spirit world object. But because of the fall, spirit world became subject (centering on Satan) -- making an earthly hell. Although the True Parents have dwelt on earth and made their accomplishments on earth, it has always been accompanied by intense spiritual activity. For example, the great campaigns and speaking tours, MSG, Yankee Stadium, Washington Monument, all had profound effects on spirit world (and surprisingly little here on earth). Yet the very name of the organization: Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity, indicates that Holy Spirit Work -- through "returning resurrection" -- is vital to the unification of Christianity. Father once said that the Unification Church existed "for legal reasons only" (1965, Questions and Answers, Chapter 3), but the real work of the movement is much deeper and broader than this or any other institution. The true vanguard and standard-bearers of the movement are the Blessed Families, who are, by definition, beyond "membership" in any organization.

Unfortunately, Blessed Families are, on the whole, ineffective. One's post-blessing life is supposed to signify advancement to the completion stage of the growth period -- a stage that is immune from satanic invasion. This is meant to be a 7-10 year period in which couples grow into Direct Dominion and perfection. But is this the reality? Answer is no. Consider the earliest Blessed Couples. Dr. Chang Shik Yang writes: "Those blessed families who went to the spirit world through the seung hwa ceremony after receiving blessing, serving True Parents, and working in the frontline are to be in the position of becoming the absolute good spirits [divine spirits] by participating in the first resurrection. However, the fact that this is not the case must awaken us. Despite being cleansed of the original sin through blessing, these people did not grow beyond the completion level of the growth stage and those who committed wrong remain in the realm of evil spirit's reach until seung hwa."

Thus, the Blessed Couple's failure to transcend the completion level of the growth stage results in satanic invasion. Dae Mo Nim became painfully aware of this while still alive on earth: "At this time, she asked God what to do, concerned about the lives of blessed families with many problems. In this process, Dae Mo Nim found out that evil spirits were influencing them and they had many fallen characteristics due to personal sins." Obviously, this is not an American, Japanese, or Korean problem, but a problem of fallen man in general. Unconsciously, we tend to reduce everything to habit and gravitate toward a "comfort zone." Has anyone ever wondered why Father constantly issues such a bewildering array of instructions and directions, so that most members (myself included) despair of ever fulfilling them all?

But the Holy Spirit work of Chung Pyung, led by Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim is absolutely essential to the success of the movement. It is the work of repentance, revival, and rebirth. In other words, the reformation called for by Michael Inglis in 1998 is here! On May 12, 1999, following a "Ceremony of Appointment", 106 Saints were sent by Dae Mo Nim to America to work with our movement. And this is not some vague, otherworldly kind of work, but specific and concrete situations wherein each of the 106 are going to choose their earthly counterparts. Thus, "returning resurrection" is not a joke or some kind of heresy, but reality. We should all be reminded that the mission of Jesus 2000 years ago was left uncompleted due, in large part, to a failure to address returning resurrection properly. If John the Baptist had only admitted being Elijah in public, then the scribes and Pharisees would have hesitated to persecute the Messiah.

On April 6, 2000, upon his arrival at East Garden, Father said: "On that foundation [declaration of America as the elder son nation], after my 80th birthday celebration, I formed the Cosmic True Parents Federation and the House of Peace and Unification of Heaven and Earth. Upon this victorious foundation, we will enter the era of the third Israel." The latter group I am unsure of, but the former I know to be a haven of sorts, for brothers and sisters who have experienced returning resurrection. Some have been harshly treated by the rest of the movement, even driven into exile, but now Heavenly Father is gathering His children together again.

All of our failures are really failures of love; therefore, the current resurrection, the Great Revival of 2000-- the beginning of the True Parents Millennium-- is the revival of love. Why would ANYONE who felt truly loved ever leave the movement? Clearly, they would not. This is the love that will unify the movement and the power that will unite Christianity. Having become one with our True Parents on earth, Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim in spirit world, the Holy Spirit work of the resurrected saints shall not be denied.

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