The Words of the McLeod Family

Dr. Lonnie McLeod's Passing

In Jin Moon
October 29, 2009
American Clergy Leadership Conference
United Federation of Churches

Dear ACLC Pastors and Leaders,

Dr. Lonnie McLeod, one of our nation's finest pastors, has made the journey to return home to God this past Sunday. The American Clergy Leadership Conference wishes to honor him and to express our love and prayers for his wife, children, grandchildren and all of his family and friends. We also wish to confirm and affirm that his life of faith and legacy of love for all humanity will only expand from now as he victoriously begins his life eternal.

Everything he did as a pastor, scholar, leader, colleague, brother and friend was to find ways to bring God's love and wisdom to others. We first met Dr. McLeod when Mrs. Keiko White of ACLC introduced him to us. Shortly after that he came to Washington to support our ACLC activities there, and he assisted greatly in leading the way for the blessing of marriage for 144,000 clergy in 2002. He played a central role as an ACLC Pastor in helping the clergy understand the Biblical foundations of the work of our Founder and his wife, the Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, and the meaning of the age in which we live.

As a leader he was not afraid to speak the truth with love because he had deep wisdom and courage instilled in him from God. When ACLC initiated the program to focus on the resurrection and end the era of the cross, Dr. McLeod's sermon / statement "Meet me at the Empty Tomb" had great power to help Christian leaders and scholars throughout America understand that a new age had dawned. When he went to Israel to promote reconciliation and peace he stood on the very stones upon which Jesus walked and reminded us that if we loved all people as the Prince of Peace did -- surely the family of Abraham would come together and peace would be realized. His love for God and respect for all faiths allowed him to be a wonderful partner in interfaith dialogue.

At the same time, as the Dean of the Unification Theological Seminary (New York City extension), he led the development there with great dignity and wisdom. As a professor at UTS and at the New York Theological Seminary he gave some of this nation’s finest spiritual leaders and pastors better understanding on how to live and minister like Christ.

His Exodus Transitional Community was given high marks throughout the Service movement in America and he, along with his team there, received solid recognition from the White House and our nation’s leaders. He taught profoundly from his direct life experience of leading people, especially those who had seen difficulty in life, to find God and become pastors or faith leaders serving others with faith. His Church of the Living Hope was what it was all about -- Faith, Hope and Love. A beautiful church and community filled with hope for all humanity -- giving Jesus' love from Harlem.

ACLC pastors and ministers have been strengthened and enlightened through his brilliant scholarly approach that was rich with common sense and real-life wisdom as well as an understanding of the Bible and its application to daily life. His grasp of the Divine Principle and ability to articulate it was such that he could hold pastors and students alike spellbound as he showed how its application revealed some of the most precious hidden truth's concerning Jesus’ life course. From that pastors could grasp that they shouldn't just believe in Jesus but they should become one with Jesus and live as he lived. His life and ministry taught that the Bible was focused on recreating the proper relations with all brothers and sisters and that if we are right with God we will prosper. Dr. McLeod, is a devoted family man and husband and together with his wife Jackie share a beautiful love and deep mutual respect for each other as husband and wife in God's image and stood as a "blessed couple" before God. He is devoted to Jackie and their family. He lived what he believed. He lived a life of love for family, the community and all people.

As a member of the ACLC National Executive Committee, he became a pivotal and vital force for unity and strength of commitment of the leadership of the ACLC to the call to "Rebuild the Family, Restore the Community and to Renew the Nation and the World." He led from deep understanding in word and deed and based on the heart his real-life experience of overcoming darkness and entering into the light, he brought hope to all he touched.

He believed in Jesus and knew Him. He was able to explain with profound understanding how Jesus had called upon True Parents, Father and Mother Moon, to stand for family and bring peace to the world. His was always a voice of calm, a voice of reason, a voice of assurance, a voice of hope and a heart of love that everything was going to be alright if we trust in God.

That's why, though we are saddened by his transition, we rejoice in his victorious life and celebrate his legacy with his home-going celebration on Saturday, October 31st. On behalf of our ACLC National Executive Board we write our tribute with prayer and sincerely thank God for our dearest brother and mentor, Dr. Lonnie McLeod.

American Clergy Leadership Conference,

Rev. In Jin Moon

Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim
Chairman Emeritus

Rev. Michael Jenkins

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings
Co President

Bishop Jesse Edwards
Co President

Rev. Levy Daugherty
Executive Advisor 

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