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I shed tears when I saw the Dokdo Islands with True Parents

Won Joo (Jeong) McDevitt
December 6, 2011
Cheon Jeong Gung on 11.12 by the H.C.

The small cluster of islands, called Dokdo in Korean and Takeshima in Japanese.

This is the report by Ms. McDevitt during Hoon Dok Hae on her trip to Dokdo Island with True Parents.

"I shed tears when I saw the islands from above singing ___' Father had been saying that he would go to the islands, where even though it's Korean territory, one must prepare all kinds of documents to for receive visit permission. Shin Jun Nim, as the representative of True Children, accompanied True Parents.

On 11.9 by the heavenly calendar, which is Dec. 3 on the solar calendar, we headed for the islands after Hoon Dok Hae, leaving the Cheon Jeong Gung at 7:20 a.m. I had a helicopter accident three years ago (with True Parents) and quite frankly, every time I ride on it, I am haunted by fear. However, since I was with True Parents and Shin Jun Nim who is the future owner, I accompanied them with faith. But until we landed on the island, I continued praying throughout the flight, calling in my prayer God, Heung Jin Nim, Dae Mo Nim, Hyo Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim, and all the good spirits.

When I saw Dokdo, which consists of two islands called East Island and West Island, after the two-hour flight, I was deeply moved. They are also called the Father Island and the Mother Island. The weather was fine but it was very windy and so the helicopter had to try landing several times. Actually, we had heard that it happens often that helicopters can't land due to the wind, and I was so terrified, I was shouting in my mind, 'Father, we can't make it. Let's go back!'

There is a landing field on the top of the police building located on the West Island, and after we tried to land for about 10 minutes, we got a permission to use that spot and we could land there. Right after landing, many policemen ran up to the air station and took photos of True Parents. (Applause)

At the beginning I was surprised but then I was so happy to see them. Father was so happy and said, 'Police chief, come here.' They had been lonely in those small islands and saw such a beautiful helicopter, and so I guess they thought someone famous landed. They were so polite and respectful towards True Parents that I almost deluded myself thinking our members were welcoming True Parents.

Before leaving here, Father had told us to prepare food for people there and our bakery at the training center made 20 large pizza. (Shin Jun Nim just came in! He offered a bow to True Parents.) They also prepared chicken in a huge container and plenty of drinks and fruits. Later we heard one can't bring in any food at the islands, but we took them with us thinking that we can share them with our members at Ulleung Island. When I landed I talked to one police 'How cold you are here. Do you wear enough underwear? We have pizza, chicken, drinks and lots of fruits, but I heard it is prohibited to bring foods here. Can we leave them here?' Then he replied, 'Give them to us please. No problem.'

So I reported that to True Parents, and our staff gave the food to the chief of the police. They were so happy and I am still curious how they enjoyed the foods. Father was happy and called all the policemen to take photos with him. I wanted to be with them but Father said 'Women, get out of here!' (Laughter) I went there terrified by the flight but I couldn't take a photo with True Parents. (Laughter) After taking photos, they, giving me their email addresses, asked me make sure to send them the photo.

Shin Jun Nim was so happy shouting 'Dokdo, Dokdo!' He had talked with his teacher that he would go to the island with his grandfather, and actually, his teacher called one of the staff members and asked if he was really going to the island. We were in the strong wind on a small landing field at the top of the building. Father was worried about Shin Jun Nim who was running around and I held Father strongly with this slender body so that he wouldn't be blown away by the wind but it was so hard.

Under such circumstances, I sang ___. When Father tells me to sing that song, I sing just imagining the island. But when I sang it there, I burst into tears thinking 'This is truly a historical island. How lonely you have been! True Father finally came to you who loves you so much.'

Father wanted to walk around the lighthouse of the island, but the police chief said 'It is dangerous to walk there because of the wind.' So after we took photos and offered prayer, we took off there, and when we flew around the island before heading for Ulleung Island, I felt so grateful and honored.

At Ulleung Island, there is a church leader, Rev. Eun Hak Bek, who has been there for 10 years. There we enjoyed sashimi and vegetables from the island prepared by the local members. True Parents took photos with them, all of whom were shedding tears with joy, and later told the children there to 'study hard.' Then True Parents left by car to go around the island and offer Jeong Seong.

This year, attending True Parents, I visited many places around Las Vegas such as Grand Canyon and Sedona, and I thought 'What a beautiful place this is!' But this time I found Ulleung Canyon at the island. Its beauty was so amazing. It has not been developed yet for tourism and so we couldn't closely go there.

I felt Father was planning many things in his mind, and it was a great opportunity for me to think again about Father's course. I visited Dok Do and Ulleung Do this time representing all of you. Thank you." 

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