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The Washington Times: Like a Phoenix from the Ashes -- Tom McDevitt

Matt Dornic
January 20, 2011

Just when you thought it was dead and buried, up rises The Washington Times. The DC daily has posted its first Help Wanted sign, beginning what TWT sources predict will be a flurry of activity as it relaunches sections dropped during a year of ownership turmoil. The listings for a White House correspondent and editors for new Sports and Metro sections signal a return to the full-service product. A TWT insider said cheers erupted in Wednesday afternoon's news meeting when word of the postings was announced by Managing Editor Chris Dolan. A US News and World Report posting said TWT is once again flush with cash, thanks to its longtime benefactor, the Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

In the end, The Times will double its staff, hiring up to 50 reporters and editors. In addition to Sports and Metro, the paper will relaunch an Arts and Entertainment section, complete with a gossip columnist (calling Kiki Ryan!). According to US News, "the salaries are going to be better." 

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