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Won Ju McDevitt
January 20, 2003

Jan. 18th 2003

While at Cheju True Parents went to Han Ra mountain (1100 meters) and had special prayer for the providence. Then Father and Mother took a photo on the mountain. Then they went to a Kentucky Fried Chicken (they wanted to go to the Chinese restaurant but it wasn't open) with their grandchildren. Then Father did Hoon Dok with the Way of Unification in God's Providence (The theoretical foundation for the unification of east and west and of North and South.) Then Father gave a direction the Saegye Times should publish Father's words from the Way of Unification everyday to prepare for the Unification of the Fatherland.

Then True Parents went to Ji Gi Do (Jee Gee Island). Father set conditions for the 3 day Holy Blessing, Coronation and Celebration (Feb. 6-8). Father felt God's blessing when he caught an 83 centimeter fish in preparation for his 83rd birthday. Then Father took a photo with the members and concluded with a special prayer. This concluded the time at Cheju in preparation for the Feb. 6th Holy Blessing of True Parents on the Third Level.

In the Love of our True Parents,

Jan. 19th 2003

This morning after Hoon Dok Hae Father invited one old lady who was isolated from her church leader to share with Father. She is over 80 and her health is poor, she is limping and always uses a bus and then walks up the steep hill to get to True Father's house. Father called her and listened to her testimony of her life for one hour. She poured out everything, happy episodes and sad stories in her life. Then finally, she felt totally liberated. She left with such a joyful feeling.

Right after that meeting Father took True Mother and Hoon Mo Nim to lunch. During the lunch Father talked to Mother about the old lady. Because Father wants to resolve that old ladies' han (resentment towards leaders and church members who couldn't take care of her.) Father is setting every possible condition to unlock the heart of all the ancestors and peoples of the Fatherland. This land has suffered so much. Now the time has come for healing.

America to the Fatherland with the power of True Love to heal this land.

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