The Words of the McDevitt Family

Accommodations And Hospitality For True Parents Visit

Won Ju McDevitt
February 17, 2001

TO: Regional Directors, Vice-Directors, State Leaders
FROM: Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt, assistant to True Parents
RE: Accommodations and Hospitality for True Parents visit
DATE: Feb 17, 2001

This memo gives detailed instructions on various items that should be prepared in every city visited by True Parents on the 50 city tour. Please distribute this memo to those members responsible for True Parents' accommodations and hospitality. All of these items and suggestions are based on the experiences True Parents have had on prior tours. Of course, they should be prepared before True Parents' arrival in your city. If done with the proper heart, it will help them to feel at home.

When True Parents arrive at their hotel suite they should be presented with a flower bouquet as a welcome. Please do not do this at the airport or in the hotel lobby. It is best to do it at the suite.

These guidelines are arranged according to rooms in a typical hotel suite.


1. Slippers: Father: size 8 wide, Mother: 7 wide
Pajamas: Father: large, Mother: medium
Panty Hose: Mother: DKNY, size small, color: grey, nude color, black
Knee high: Mother
2. Flower arrangement
3. In a tray: 2 Evian water bottles, 2 drinking glasses, few napkins
4. Fruit basket, 2 dishes, 1 fruit knife, 2 forks, napkins
5. Snacks: cookie, dry fruit, nuts, chocolates
6. CD-Cassette recorder-player for listening in the room. Korean music and some other pleasant sounding music.
7. On night stand; small alarm clock set to local time, Kleenex, memo pad and pen.
8. Tylenol, Tylenol Cold, Chewable Mylanta, Herbal cough drops, sugar free gum, mints, Vitamin C.
9. Extra blanket, 3 extra sheets from hotel or house.
10. One Extension cord
11. If refrigerator is available in the bedroom, prepare 'Yoplait' yogurt snack, fruit juice, diet coke, Evian water.
12. Iron and ironing board, sewing kit, shoe shine kit.
13. Make sure there is a trash container in the bedroom.


1. Bathroom slippers
2. Bathrobe, Father: large, Mother: medium
3. Towels: If you buy new ones, they should be washed twice before being used, and have hotel towels available in all sizes as well.
4. Washcloths - Japanese style.
5. Plastic wash bucket for bath tub.
6. Body gel, shampoo and conditioner, soap.
7. For toilet; wet tissue and Kleenex.
8. Small flower arrangement.
9. Cosmetics for Mother:
Skin lotion,
hand cream ' Shiseido' and ' Channel ' for dry and sensitive skin. (prepare color makeup if you desire).
Hair brush,
tooth brush-soft.
Shaving razor for Father.
Vaseline petroleum jelly.
Facial cleansing tissue.
Facial cotton pad. Q-tips,
waxed dental floss,
hand mirror.
Small individual packages of Kleenex tissues.
10. Trash can with liner.
They are needed

Living Room

1. Small back cushion for any chairs in room
2. Shawl for Mother to use in morning Hoon Dok Hae.
3. Fruit, cookie, chocolate snacks.
4. Flower arrangement.
5. Trash cans.
They are needed.

Kitchen and Food Preparation

1. In addition to your plans, please be sure to have the following items prepared:
Juice maker
Kale for juice maker
Brown Sugar
Half and half
Diet coke
Bottled Juice
Assortment of fruits
Herbal tea and green tea
Tooth picks
Evian Water
Yogurt snacks
2. If possible, prepare Korean food. In some situations, hotels will not allow the cooking of food in the suite. This is especially true if the smell brings complaints from other hotel guests. Please be sensitive to this point. If you cannot prepare Korean food, you may use hotel room service but at least try to have a rice cooker and prepare rice. If there are questions about True Parents food preparations please call Mrs. Kum Hee Fontaine, East Garden kitchen.
3. IMPORTANT: At Mother's request, please avoid having the exact same menu as the previous city visited by True Parents. Please plan early and check with hospitality members in the previous city.
4. Breakfast should be American style.
5. IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT prepare any lunch or snack for the airplane unless you receive the request from Mrs. McDevitt, Mother's assistant. Normally it is not needed.
6. Vegetable juice should be ready by 6:00 AM at the Hoon Dok Hae table. Juice should be made in a juicer: Kale; 3 to 4 leaves, 1 apples for one portion.
For True Parents: Before 5:00 AM, prepare one tray each for Father and Mother. Each tray should have: glass of water, kale-apple juice, tea or coffee, cake snack or pastry, napkin, knife, fork and spoon.
Juice, coffee, tea and snack should be available for everyone who attends With True Parents

Hoon Dok Hae

Please note: Hoon Dok Hae will be held regularly at 6:00 AM. Arrange the living room and / or dining room for the largest number of people to attend. Please prepare for True Parents: chairs with small cushions for the lower back, a shawl for Mother, a table with Evian water, hot tea, juice, coffee, Kleenex.

Sunday Morning Pledge Service

If your event is on a Saturday, then pledge service will be held at 05:00 on the following Sunday morning. Please try to prepare the room in the following manner. In living room, prepare 2 chairs for True Parents and a small coffee table.

Spread 2 white king size sheets in front of the two chairs. True Parents will stand on the sheets to bow while facing their own chairs. Please try to prepare two 2 foot square Oriental sitting cushions.

Father likes to sit after doing pledge and speak to members. The table should be used for serving snacks afterwards. Please refer to the kitchen paragraph above for details.

For the speech event itself, please prepare the following items.

Waiting Room

1. Corsage for Father: red roses, either 5 small ones or 3 big ones. Use golden ribbon.
2. Corsage for Mother: orchid or pink rose. Use pink or silver ribbon.
3. Corsages should be prepared with straight pin about 2 inches long.
4. Snacks including: Evian water, tea, coffee, and , brown sugar, honey, lemon, Kleenex, slippers, shawl for Mother, chair cushion.

Stage: Directly on the Podium

1. If speaker is Father:
Prepare 2 glasses of Evian water, no ice. Do not wrap or cover the top of the glass. Do not use coasters, cup holders or trays on the podium.
They will cause accidental spills. Use only paper napkins to set the glasses on.
Wet towel:
Use a plain facial hand towel without decorations or embroidery on it.
The water and hand towel should be placed on the podium before the speaker is introduced.
The best time for this is during a video presentation.
2. If speaker is Mother:
Prepare only 1 glass of Evian water, room temperature. Follow same instructions as above regarding glass.
Wet towel: Use a plain facial hand towel as indicated above.
Dry handkerchief.
3. If there is no space on the podium for water and hand towel, prepare a small table to the right of the speaker. It should be high enough to reach items comfortably. A table cloth should be used to cover the table. The cloth should reach all the way down to the floor.

Gift Suggestions

If your members and families desire to buy a gift for True Parents, appropriate gift ideas would be a cardigan sweater or clothing to be used for fishing and outdoor recreation in any season. Father's jacket size is 44 Short or 43 Regular. Mother's size is 12.

Thank you for your hard work and attendance. If you have any questions feel free to call either Won Ju McDevit or Takae Shimizu at East Garden.

Thank you and God Bless you and your efforts, Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt, East Garden

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