The Words of the Mathison Family

Loving for God

James Mathison
January 11, 2001

Nobody starts out living for the sake of others on the worldwide level. True Father started out building his church by living for the sake of one or two members. We too have to start with our family, our spiritual children, our tribe. True Father calls many members to live for the sake of a higher level, even a national or world level, but it's best if he has people to use who already have successfully built their own foundation.

True Parents want us to successfully witness to our tribe, then on that foundation God will be delighted to call us to work on a higher level, and we'll start to really see the big picture. I know of only a few members who have success with their tribe. The more people we help to understand DP and support True Parents, the more True Father can actualize his plans, and the closer we'll all get to the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. We are the key.

You may ask, "Why should the truth of God make anyone painful?" You said that if the truth causes pain, it must be because there is a lie or something evil hidden in it. But don't you agree that the truth which sets us free is like medicine to a sick patient? All this talk about living in a world of true love sounds sweet, but fighting against my fallen nature in the midst of a fallen environment to stretch my heart is truly bitter. When we contemplate the truth, it's sweet with hope for the future, but when we practice it and share it with others, only to have it thrown back in our face, it's a painful bitter cross to bear.

You say you want to expose that UC members are not doing so much, that their prayers are not so deep, that they're so CONCEITED that they think they're better than Christians. Wow! How do you know they all are like that? Have you done as much as you can to support True Parents? Most of us readily admit that we have a lot to repent for.

A person can spend his life accusing others, or he can spend his life loving others as True Father has done. It's easy to accuse, but accusations are like a cancer that eats away at our soul, so it's better not to do it. Better we should do what True Parents are doing, and show others the same way.

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