The Words of the Mathison Family

De-Koreanization and Racism

James Mathison
May 5, 1999

Remarks about "De-Koreanization" strikes me as (how else can I say it) racist. Are you maligning all Korean leaders or do you think some of them are OK? Don't you think True Father has a good providential reason for designating Koreans as Adam National Messiahs and U.S. regional leaders? Shall we do as True Mother asks of all of us and learn the Korean language or what?

I've had my share of problems with various church leaders, including Koreans. It would've been easier for me perhaps if the messiah had been an American of Norwegian background. Still, I'm not prepared for what I've been too often hearing.

Soon after coming out of darkest (communication-wise) Africa, I was stunned by the resentment some American members seemed to have toward Korean leaders in general.

I think we have to work together whether we like it or not, as we struggle to keep our proper position and do what we know is right at the same time. To me, that means that I can voice my opinion, but once a decision is made -- whether or not it seems stupid to my way of thinking -- as long as it's not unprincipled, I should just unite with it!

Someone can choose to disagree with the person in the Abel position, for "practical" reasons, and decide not to unite; but then that person must be willing to take responsibility for the (often unfortunate) consequences.

If, in the rarer case, "Abel's" decision is really "unprincipled," then we have an obligation to disunite and report the problem to the next higher leader (after triple checking that it's not really "my ego" at the root of the problem!).

This isn't theory. My couple experienced this painfully on our mission in the D. R. Congo. When unity isn't achieved God's work is stymied and Satan is dancing. But heartistic unity can attract enough spiritual power (via returning resurrection) to overcome even apparently stupid strategies.

There's many ways to skin a cat, but when one takes Spirit World into account, "the best strategy" is the one that everybody unites with, right? So if I think I've got a better idea, my task is to develop some heartistic unity with the Korean leader that True Father put in charge, so he'll be able to take my opinion into serious consideration.

This unclear term, "De-Koreanization," makes me bristle. Let's make God happy!

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