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Absolute Faith in Whom?

James Mathison
February 18, 2001

When True Father asks us in so many of his recent speeches to have "absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience," in whom or in what are we to have absolute faith?

I thought it meant having absolute faith in True Parents (TP), and in the fact that they are the central persons through whom God's Heart is liberated and his Original Ideal for all humankind is established.

Doesn't it make sense according to the Principle? Noah was required to have absolute faith in God's Word to build an ark, in order to restore Adam and Eve's loss of absolute faith in God's Word to them "not to eat."

But then Noah's family was expected to have absolute faith in Noah (because he was the man God had used to save all their skins). And God tested their faith by setting up the situation of Noah being found naked in his tent!

We all know by now that we should have absolute faith in God. But what about having absolute faith in TP as the ones God has used to save all our skins? Doesn't it make sense that we are now expected to have such faith, especially when our faith is being tested by allegations and rumors of this and that!

Just as Noah's children were expected to have absolute faith in him, and Isaac was expected to have absolute faith in Abraham, and the chosen people were expected to have absolute faith in Moses, and later in Jesus-- we who would call ourselves children of the TP are expected to have absolute faith in them.

We can expect our faith to be tested. We might disagree with certain tactics and strategies True Father is using to bring about God's ideal-- if Jesus could make tactical mistakes, so can True Father.

But if we go so far as to set our conscience at odds with what TP are doing or are asking of us -- as Noah's children did when their conscience led them to feel shame at their father's drunken nakedness -- instead of having absolute faith to do what TP ask (or at least repent if we can't), then that would seem to be a big providential mistake.

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