The Words of the Mathison Family

Restoring Battles

James Mathison
May 25, 2001

At the first Western NM workshop in CPL, a German brother I'd never met before took me aside one day, in between sessions of the most severely pounding I have ever experienced.

He had a very thick accent, and without any particular encouragement on my part, he proceeded to explain to me at great length and with great feeling the cause of the great spiritual heaviness he'd experienced in Europe.

"Throughout thousands of years of history, so many battles have been fought on these lands," he said, "and so many people have died there." During hon sue, he was seeing in his mind's eye these battlefields layered upon layer with the bodies of the men who had fallen in one battle after another over the centuries.

For some reason I was a little unsettled that he was telling me all this. At any rate, maybe this can explain the heaviness you and some others feel in comparison with America, whose history of bloodletting is much shorter than Europe's.

It's a rather chilling realization. What to do about it? Here's what I understand: All the spirits of the multitudes of men and women who lost their lives or were disrupted in some way as a result of these wars throughout history need to be restored through people on earth like us.

If we can live a life of true love with our family, if we can truly become people of true love in every aspect of our lives, overcoming every obstacle with love -- then these unhappy spirits can lighten up and be restored through us. Our lives have a deeper dimension and a greater impact than we can imagine!

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