The Words of the Masciota Family

Experience with Drs. Durst and Kim

Gino Masciotra
April 29, 2001

I would like to tell you of two experiences I had years ago. The first was in 1977. I had just met the movement and trying to make a serious decision whether to join. I made an appointment to meet Dr. Durst. I remember vividly that he greeted me and spoke to me in a most loving and parental way like I had never experienced before. My complaints evaporated instantly.

The second experience I had was years later when I worked at UTS. I had a chance to drive Dr. Young Oon Kim to East Garden where she was going to a meeting with TP. I waited in the car and upon her return she asked me to drive to a nearby church property. It was a beautiful summer day and there were lots of trees and we sat in a nearby bench. I remember asking Dr. Kim how my wife and I could improve our relationship as we didn't know how to communicate. She told me that no matter what my wife said or did I should be a gentlemen to her. She proceeded to take a lunch she brought from the meeting and asked me to eat. The whole time she held the dish for me.

I was somewhat uncomfortable at first as I felt I should be serving her. Later I realized that God was showing me His abundant parental love. I think it is important to remind ourselves that we met this movement at a time where God and TP were suffering immensely . As a consequence we ourselves are asked to go such a course even though many of us were already hurting from the moment we first heard a lecture.

I firmly believe that as Christians begin to respond as they are right now, God s love will be felt more and more and the hurts and cynicism of this world will melt like the morning dew. regards

Gino Masciotra

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